Aug 31

BIG Football Bling Giveaway!

Football season is here!  Do you have your football bling yet?  If not, we have the perfect giveaway for you!  This week we are giving away a FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK with enough football iron on rhinestone transfers for you and several friends.  One blog reader will win a Football Spirit Pack that includes 10 iron on rhinestone transfers!  Make a few shirts for yourself, your friends, your daughter, or anyone else who wants to stand out in the bleachers this year.  The Football Spirit Pack includes the images shown here plus one or two NEW designs that aren’t even on the website yet!

This FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK is over a $40 value!  Of course, we’re not going to force you to cheer for the Bulldogs or #24.  You can choose your team mascot from our selection of team mascots and also choose which jersey numbers you want.  The mix-and-match possibilities with this set allows you to express exactly what you want to say.  You could make a shirt that says I ♥ #24 or BULLDOGS FOOTBALL or FOOTBALL MOM #24 or I ♥ BULLDOGS FOOTBALL #24 or simply I ♥ FOOTBALL.  The megaphone is a small iron on transfer that is perfect to use as an embellishment — it looks really cute on the sleeve or pocket of a t-shirt.

Enter to win this FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK by leaving a comment on this post.  Tell me which team you will be cheering for this year!  Pirates?  Panthers?  Eagles?  Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Monday, September 5th (Labor Day!).

Good luck!  And GO TEAM!



  1. Trina Baker says:

    I root for Summerfield Bulldogs and UofM

  2. Yvette says:

    Hello There!!

    I will be cheering for Chino Cowboys, my daughters high school. I will also be cheering for USC Trojans and Pittsburgh Steelers. We LOVE football in our house and always find time to throw the ball around. I have 4 girls and 1 boy who love sports!!!

  3. Taneshia says:

    Hi, we will be cheering for the Raiders, with our rec Pee Wee Team. My husband is coaching, our son is playing tight end for the football team. Our daughter is on the Raiders’ cheering squad and I’m the cheer coach, and our oldest son, helps out where he is needed! It’s a Family Affair!! Go Raiders!!

  4. Teresa says:

    I will be cheering for my son. Go Panthers!

  5. Tiffany says:

    I will be cheering for my local high school team the bears, my alumni team the bulldogs and my NFL team the niners!! football season here!! Yay!!

  6. Kim says:

    Cheering for my son #19 and the Dripping Springs Tigers!

  7. sherry castaneda says:

    GO White Hall Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Angela Haynes says:

    Love the football spirit pack! Cheering for the eagles football team

  9. Lori Barenz says:

    Go Indians! We are from a small school in Iowa and will be cheering on several of our friends kids. Go Spartans! Go Bulldogs! Go Lions! Go Peacocks!

  10. I googled rhinestone heat transfers and found your site! I am so happy I did! Your transfers are awesome! I am a Missouri Tiger fan, as well as cheering on my son’s high school team Vianney Griffins!

  11. Chris, Connie, & Vanessa says:

    This year we will be cheering for the Eagle Pass Eagles and the C.C. Winn Mavericks! We are from a border town in South Texas. GO EAGLE PASS!!!!

  12. corinna herrera says:

    I love the artesia bulldogs! Our town is all about Bulldogs. A sea of orange displayed downtown with bulldog flags on fridays and fans and parents alike all wear bulldog gear. 2-0 GO BULLDOGS!

  13. christa sheffield says:

    This year my daughter is cheering for the Kennedale Wildcats!! Green Black & White!!!!! <3

  14. Samantha says:

    I will be cheering Righetti High School. My son is on the JV team….

  15. Samantha says:

    Love the football spirit pack..

  16. Alexandra Guzman says:

    ill be cheering on my boy (:
    lets go BLAZERS !

  17. Heather Raida says:

    I will be cheering for the Thayer Flyers this year….Thayer Flyers are from a small town in Thayer,Ks.
    They are 7th & 8th grdrs. It makes me proud to see such a small town football team be able to come together and work hard and achieve such excellent athletic goals. My bling will be sporting @ all games and gate.

    Thank You
    Parent & Teacher Aide for Thayer Flyers

  18. Star Johnson says:

    Hi, I will be cheering for my 10 yr old son, Bryce, who plays for the Colts. I bought a Football mom last year but now we have a new team so I need more….so excited.
    Star Johnson

  19. Melanie says:

    I just found your site and I LOVE it! I cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes….GO HAWKS!!

  20. Norma says:

    First Game Won! Go SFHS Tigers!!!! I will be sporting the Bling on the bleachers and in the snack shop!!! Go #72. Good Luck to everyone’s Teams!!!!

  21. Laurie says:

    Go Ravens! Go Lions!
    Would love to show our football spirit with your bling!

  22. Sharon says:

    I cheer for both High School and College level football…Our McCallum Knights are awesome, but I am a proud Band Mom with McCallum and love to show my spirit through the incredible marching band. Our hearts are also with the University of Texas Longhorns…GO HORNS! I love anything “bling” and take every chance I get to make a shirt or wear a piece of “bling” jewelry…love all your sport bling iron-ons!

  23. Nicolle Morris says:

    I will be cheering for the Fontana Summit Skyhawks and my son #21. Let’s Go Skyhawks!!!!1

  24. nancy says:

    I will be cheering for the Eagles this year!

  25. Taylor says:

    Go Eagles!!!!!!!

  26. Johann says:

    This year I will be cheering for out local teams the Emperors… football/team mom #4!!!!
    Professional, it’s all about the Dallas Cowboys!!!

  27. Kristin says:


  28. JoAnna Klecak says:

    I would so enjoy winning this awesome giveaway…

    Not only do I love football I also love bling. I’m a proud aunt that will be cheering for the Brahmas and a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Thank you and I hope I win!!!

  29. Dianna says:

    Very cute- perfect to stand out from the rest on game day!!

  30. Carrie Laird says:

    This is my first year being a “football mom” so this would be great. Football Mom #31. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  31. Trisha says:

    I will definately be cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners!

  32. Jerri greenville says:

    I would love to win the give away!! Im making some shirts for daughters cheer team. an being a huge football mom fan cheering my sons who play for the panthers. cant wait to wear my shirt

  33. Jill Rusk says:

    Woohoo! Go Fresno State Bulldogs! This is such a great idea! You did such beautiful pieces for a wedding I was in! Thanks! Hope I win!

  34. Carol Rygaard says:

    I am making shirts for nieces, great nieces and Sister-in-laws. We are the Hitchcock Bulldogs. Our family have been Hitchcock Bulldogs for 40 years and now our grandchildren are the Bulldogs.
    Our oldest grandson is a senior this year, two great nieces are in the band and one is a cheerleader and our great nephew films the games. We are a sport within a sport. I would love to win the Sports Bling to make more for me and my family.

    Love all your design packs. It is rare to find a Christian company . Love your quotes. Thank you!!

  35. Barbara Kelly says:

    I would love to win this football spirit pack. We will be cheering for the New York Giants tonight at our house as they play the New England Patriots. Go Big Blue!!!!

  36. Steffanie says:

    Carthage Tigers. GO BIG BLUE!!!
    I would love to win this we just made some shirts with your products to show our spirit and can’t wait to wear them to our first game this weekend.

  37. Robin B. says:

    I will be cheering for the Hewitt Trussvile “HUSKIES”!!!! My daughter cheers for Senior Div. I and my son plays for 125lbs. in Trussville, AL But let’s not forget my home town favorite and 2010 superbowl champs NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!!!

  38. Sharlene Eddy says:

    I would LOVE to win this FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK! Will be cheering on the Checotah Wildcats – Son plays and daughter cheers, so I’m a big team fan. I’m a fan of your products and designs also!! You all do an amazing job and I LOVE your products! Can’t wait to see what you come out with next! Keep up the good work! Thank you!!

  39. Angie Pulse says:

    Awesome giveaway! Could make a lot friends happy with this collection!!!

  40. Melissa Girouard says:

    The Houston Texans!!! And, ofcourse me son’s intermediate football team, the Bobcats!

  41. Amy Risi says:

    I am cheering on the Poland(Little) BULLDOGS! I have 3 boys who play for this league. My son and step son are both 12 & this is their last year playing for this organization. they will move onto 8th grade football next year. This is my 7-year-old’s first year & he can play for the PLB until he turns 12! Our colors are royal blue & white & our mascot is well…. a BULLDOG!
    I have made several shirts for myself & family & friends using your rhinestone iron on transfers & have gotten many, many compliments on the work! I tell them it was easy, it’s an iron on from a web site called rags-n-rhinestones! :)

  42. Myra Herink says:

    I will be cheering for the “Bridgeport Bulldogs”. I have 4 grandsons from 10 to 16 which are 5th generation Bulldogs and all love to play sports!
    Go Bulldogs!

  43. Jaimie says:

    I will actually be cheering for the bulldogs! We are the Central Bulldogs! Go Bulldogs!!

  44. Victoria Archibald says:

    I’m going to be cheering for the Panthers! Go Panthers! I love football season from the local high school all the way up to the DALLAS COWBOYS! I’m ready for football and chili season at least that’s what we call it at our house. Would love to win this sports package so I can be BLING out for this season while I’m making homemade chili. God Bless!

  45. Karen Berber says:

    My son is a Sr. this year and I support everything he does, if I can’t find something in rhinestone for whatever he does, I will make my own. Last year I couldn’t find anything Powerlifting or One Act Play and FCA so I made me a pattern and made my own, I even had to buy more rhinestones, because several Mom’s wanted me to make them one. I also have a daughter in college and couldn’t find anything for ASU so I made my own. I love supporting my children by wearing the “bling” . And the other kids at good ole Colorado City High School! Go Wolves # 75!
    I also would like to say that I always look here first for whatever I am looking for because I love the fact that you are a Christian company and that everything comes with a bible verse on it. I believe that we as Christians should always support each other.
    Thanks so much for supplying great products at a great price!

    Karen Berber

  46. Patty Speed says:

    I’ll be cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals
    Go!!!! Bengals!!!!!!

  47. Tonya says:

    Really LOVE all your football transfers and so do the mom’s on my son’s team which are the youth football team the Redskins and our local highshcool the Brahmas. It would be great if I could get a Brahma football design for us, I have not been able to find one yet (just a thought).

    We just LOVE football season!!!

  48. This year we are cheering for two local teams: our home school the ‘Blue Devils’ and the school of our best little friend the ‘Bulldogs”! Plus the Bills and the Colts — football season here we come…

    Have used your rhinestone designs in the the past — basketbal things on items two years ago for an elementary aged girl who wears the items as often as possible and the designs continue to look as if they were just set!

    Keep up the wonderful work and thank you.

  49. Piper Cameron says:

    I will be cheering for the Longhorns and Cowboys. WOOHOO!

  50. stacy says:

    I am a Raider football mom! A friend emailed me this web site and so I thought I would try it out. I even got a co worker to order “Basketball Mom” transfers. It was very easy to iron on and make my shirts. I wore one of the shirts to our 1st football game last Friday night and got many compliments. Several moms are planning on making matching shirts and i am showing the cheerleaders some ideas for their squad and the moms!! It is a great and easy way to show your school spirit. Thanks for the great ideas!!!!

  51. Shelly h says:

    We are cheering for the Mustangs! I love the bling I have purchased from Jubilee Rhinestones!

  52. Tonya Deese says:

    Pulling for PSHS RAMS!!!
    And of course, the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!
    Go TROY!!!!

  53. Shelly says:

    I LOVE FOOTBALL! On Friday nights I love to support our High School Football Team…THE MARION WILDCATS! I have already sold lots of football bling for our supporters. Kenny Chesney has a song, The Boys Of Fall. LOVE IT… For college ball, UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE and NFL, THE COLTS OR STEELERS! GO TEAM!!!!

  54. Megan borchardt says:

    We just love jubilee rhinestones And all your wonderful designs! We are cheering for the Katy Tigers!!!!

  55. Amy meierhoff says:

    This year I’m cheering for the warriors!
    My (just turned) 7 year old son is playing tackle football!
    Go WARRIORS!!!!!!

  56. Monique Garza says:

    I love bling!!!!! I’m blinging everywhere I go!!! Yes, that means even when I cheer for the Danbury Panthers!!!! Wooohoo!

  57. Debbie says:

    Go Mars Planets! Yes we are from Mars ……Pennsylvania! !!

  58. I am using the big bulldog and the word bulldog for my grandsons team so we show spirit on the field and blind the other side during the day games with all our bling!

  59. Janie says:

    Love, love, love football!!! Football moms are the best especially with Bling!!

  60. Carmen Williamson says:

    I coach cheer for the local charter school. My daughter also cheers on the squad. We are crazy with spirit for the Pathway Pumas. All of our “sports moms” love to show their support by bringing on the bling!!!

  61. Suzanne says:

    We’ll be cheering on the Weeping Water Indians this weekend! The fans are loving the new Indians bling I’ve got displayed in my shop.

  62. Veronica says:

    Oakland Raiders!

  63. Anittra says:

    Jubilee Rhinestones is my new found love!! They have me sporting the bling around. While cheering on Maize South 5th grade Mavericks football team I got all the moms asking about the bling. Go Mavericks, you ROCK!!

  64. lynne hyatt says:

    Cheer for Bling!!! The Tiger Moms are wearing the football bling on jerseys supporting the team and players, Good Luck Tigers! Happy Blinging to all!

  65. Tammy Kloss says:

    Whoop, whoop, whoop….GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Panthers! They are our local HS team and they are great. The band does an awesome marching routine too. There is lots of parent involvement, tailgating…It’s a great night. It is always packed. I’m one of those people that could care less about sports UNTIL your child is in it, then I scream myself hoarse!

  66. Robyn Peters says:

    I love Jubilee Rhinestones. Best place I found so far to order rhinestones at great prices, I really want to win. Oh and GO SVHS VIKINGS!!

  67. Janice Reitz says:

    I will be cheering for the Wildcats!!!

  68. Amy Wagner says:

    Jenks Trojans ;-)

  69. Melanie Briggs says:

    I would love to win! I judge cheerleading so I cheer for all teams. But we will go with my home team, the Gladiators.

  70. Erin Watkins says:

    Awesome bling! My daughters a Senior this year and I have been told I have to make her 35 t-shirts…one for each week she’s at This would be a great way to show off her Hector Wildcat Pride! You do great work. Thanks!

  71. Cyndie says:

    I used and shared your stuff all summer for baseball. Now my daughter’s a cheerleader. It’s time for Football! Can’t wait!

  72. Laura Moody says:

    I <3 this & my son plays for the Butler Bulldogs so it's even better!!!!

  73. Theresa Lowther says:

    My husband coaches the Stafford Trojans. I love your bling and would wear it with pride!

  74. Beth says:

    Awesome Giveaway! I’m rooting for the Anderson High School Trojans and the Murchison Middle School Matadors! Love all the mix and match possibilities! :))