Oct 20

New Garden Greens

We’ve got some fantastic new green fabrics in the studio.  These Garden Greens are lighter and fresher than the other greens we have in stock and have so much potential.  They would look great with yellows and browns and reds on an Autumn throw.

They could also be paired with our lighter, brighter reds for a crisp, cheery Christmas project.

Or make a monochromatic Garden Green tablecloth that can be used year-round and accessorized with centerpieces to make is Spring-y, Summery, Fall-ish, or Wintery.

These new Garden Greens are on sale for only $4.25/yard right now.





  1. Barbara Hartman says:

    HI!! I am looking for transfers for my self and a few friends, i am looking for Rodeo Mom, Rodeo Sister, Rodeo Diva and maybe Rodeo Princess, any other ideas would be appreciated I also need pricing… i would like much bling…. thank you for any help you can provide!!!