Dec 14

Newlyweds in the Studio!

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The newest newlyweds in our family, Bryan and Amanda, came to the studio last week to make their “First Christmas Together” stockings.

Aren’t they just adorable!  And what a fun idea to MAKE your very first stockings together as a couple.


Bryan very carefully cutting the fabric.  Amanda was nearby to catch any mistake that he made.


Creating their designs.  Amanda went with the cute “Heart and Star” look while Bryan chose the manly “Snowman with Christmas Tree” design.  He also managed to sneak his Minnesota Vikings shirt into the pictures!


Time to sew!  Sewing for the first time is scary but they rose to the challenge.  Bryan looks really worried here — maybe that’s why he politely allowed Amanda to sew first!


Bryan’s turn to sew!  We told him to think of the sewing machine as a power tool.  I think that helped!


Clip clip clipping all the seams.  Tedious, but well worth the effort in the end!


Finished!!  Seriously, can you get ANY cuter than these two??  Sewing together should be a rite of passage for all newlyweds.  If you can make it through sewing your first Christmas stockings together, then you can make it through anything, right?  They did a great job and as soon as I get a picture of these cute stockings hanging in their cute newlywed apartment, I’ll post it!

Of course, the real beauty of making your own stockings is how easy they are to duplicate in the future.  So, in a few years, if Bryan and Amanda need one or two or three more coordinating stockings it won’t be a problem!

Check out all of our Primitive Homespun Stocking patterns and be inspired to create a new look for your mantle next Christmas!



  1. Frankie Batten says:

    Working together at the start off of a marriage is wonderful. Looks as if they did a wonderful job on the stockings too. Good luck to the happy couple and may they have a very blessed future.

  2. Treva says:

    What an adorable couple! Love those stockings too. :-)

  3. Shannon Wallace says:

    I love this post, and I love the homespun stockings they made! :)