Jan 25


Are the cold weather and overcast skies making you feel blue?  Are you looking forward to bright flowers, colorful flip-flops, and sunny days?  We’ve had a very mild winter here in the Midwest but the absence of snow only makes the bare trees and brown grass seem all the more drab.  If you’re looking for a bright spot during these winter months then maybe it’s time to start a new project!  A Bright Ragged Homespun Quilt is the perfect way to add a bit of color to these dreary winter months.

A friend sent us these cute pictures of Baby Ellie “modeling” a Bright Ragged Homespun Quilt for us.  Isn’t she a doll??  These colorful quilts make great baby quilts or girl’s bedspreads (and would look great with matching curtains!!).  I have so many pictures of my own baby girl on a bright quilt like this — it really makes the pictures pop!

Our Bright Fabrics, Bright Fat Quarters, and Bright Ragged Homespun Quilt Kits are all 10% off until January 31st to help you get started on your Bright project.  Order today and you’ll have something to do during the Super Bowl!  Or, if you’re a sports fan like me, something to do on Sunday afternoons now that football is over.

AND we’re giving away a Bright Ragged Homespun Quilt Kit to one blog reader!  The kit includes over 200 6″ precut bright fabric squares — enough to make a 40″ x 50″ quilt!  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post.  Tell me your favorite snowy/rainy day activity!  Comment entries will be accepted through Saturday, January 28th.

Have a BRIGHT day!



  1. Robin Scott says:

    I love making rag quilts and designing them too. Those colors are so cheery! They make me smile.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi! Love your site and your products! My 11 daughter is working on her first rag quilt as a 4H project for our county fair. All the other girls are doing flannel but we found your site and just KNEW that it had to be homespun. Love it! Cant wait til she finishes it at the next meeting! On rainy days I love to read, watch old movies, do crafts or flip through old cookbooks. Another quilt kit would be great tucked in her Easter basket

  3. [...] (January 28th) is the last day to enter the giveaway for the Bright Ragged Homespun Quilt KIT.  If you haven’t entered, leave a comment on the Quilt Kit GIVEAWAY post before midnight [...]

  4. Dianna Antoine says:

    What a wonderful quilt. I am a mother of eight and a grandmother of almost ten….we will have a new granddaughter in about three weeks!!!! It would be wonderful to be able to make that bright quilt for her. I spend a lot of time sewing projects for my children and their spouses and my grandchildren. My favorite activity that I do for Christmas is that I have made them all Christmas stockings and I love to create each one for that special person. I have bought your homespun fabric in the past and made beautiful diaper bags.
    Thank you,

  5. Hueisei says:

    Wow. I’m hope I’m the lucky one. I will stay at home reading blogs or sewing when raining day.

  6. renee says:

    Like this bright quilt…..that would be really cute.

  7. Peggy Beddall says:

    My favorite snowy/rainy day activity is two-fold! First, I love to use the extra time for my Bible study and then, two, I like to get into my current sewing or crocheting project … okay, projectS! Love the colors in that quilt and would love to have it here at home for my three granddaughters!

  8. Louise Peeler says:

    having those cute little faces on those quilta is the icing on the cake!

  9. Heather Hensley says:

    My favorite Rainy/snowy day activity is usually to curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch a good movie, read a book, or find a craft to do. I absolutely LOVE these quilts and would love to make one on a day when it is rainy, snowy or even if the sun is shining! They are so beautiful!! I want to put them all over my house!!!

  10. Krystal R says:

    My favorite snowy day activity is baking with my kids, sending them outside to play (or sending myself outside with them) and then making hot cocoa after they come in out of the cold! Nothing is better than beautiful snow falling outside with warm delicous goodies making the house smell like heaven inside! <3

  11. marlene murray says:

    My favoirte ANY day activity is spending time with my crafting. Love Jubilee fabrics and patterns and would love to win the quilt kit ! Have a blessed day, everyone!

  12. Sandy D says:

    Rainy/ snowy days finds me at the sewing machine. Quilting is almost my favorite thing. If it is too quiet, I call and ask my 3 and 4 year old grandchildren to come and we always have some activity. Just added a new grandchild on Jan 5.

  13. Katie Doner says:

    My favorite rainy/snowy day activity is to curl up under a nice blanket and read a good book. Great colors for spring and summer!!

  14. Lynn says:

    My favorite thing to do when it is raining/snowing is to sew! I just made a pillow with your bright charm pack and everyone loves it. We call it the happy pillow. The baby is beautiful cradled in the happy quilt!

  15. Debbie Tippens says:

    I love to go to my sewing room and create somethng new that you can not buy, My problem is that
    I give all my creations away once they are made to wonderful people.

  16. Penny Maben says:

    These nice bright fabrics would make a great quilt for spring!

  17. Sue says:

    My favorite rainy/snowy day activites are several; quilting, reading, genealogy, movies, and crocheting. I’m in the process now of choosing fabric for our two newest grandchildren which will arrive in 2012! :)

  18. Chuck says:

    I like to watch movies on rainy and snowy days

  19. Susan says:

    My favorite is EVERYTHING, I have so many things started and so many that I want to start. And now I have added to my collection from your site. I ordered two patterns and I am very excited to start a new project!

  20. VickiT says:

    OH my gosh! That’s a beautiful quilt and that baby is darling! I’ve got a Granddaughter who will be making an appearance in the next three weeks or so and these bright colors would be perfect for her.

    Winter activity? I don’t DO winter. I stay inside and don’t go out unless I absolutely MUST. You can find me in my sewing room when that first snowflake flies. LOL

  21. Shannon Wallace says:

    Hi!!! I love the fabrics that you sell, and I am grateful for your generous giveaways!!! Favorite rainy day activity (we don’t get snow in South Texas, or much rain for that matter) would be making a nice cup of coffee, cuddling up and reading a classic book with my son such as Little House on the Prairie. :) I also enjoy sewing on a rainy day.

  22. Lacie says:

    Lounging on the couch and watching movies with my husband! : )

  23. Mechelle Harper says:

    I love to make Christmas ornaments!! I make folded fabric ornaments and glitter ornaments. It is double the fun when my daughters help!

  24. Jennifer says:

    My favorite snowy day activity when it’s really cold out is curling up with a good book, a warm blanket and a cup o hot cocoa!

    On rainy days I like to catch up on my scrapbooking :)

  25. Diane McCartney says:

    Well, when our winters here TN are not so mild, as this year has been, and we get a measurable snow, my family and I like to go out and play in it. We take a sled, often home made, and hit the hill! Our outside play time consists of lots of laughs, lots of photos and tons of memories. My kids have always came in and had to have a cup of hot chocolate after playing-even now as teenagers! The one thing that remains the same with snowy/rainy days is a great pot of home made chili cooking, eating together as a family and then curling up under a nice warm quilt to end the evening. If we are lucky, we get a batch of my husband’s awesome, home made chocolate chip cookies!

  26. Noelle Ross says:

    On cold snowy days in Ohio is the perfect time to work on my sewing projects and play with my embroidery machine.I love the winter:)

  27. Elli says:

    For snowy and rainy days, we love the smell of fresh baking, usually a sweet of some sort. And then we like to curl up on a couch (with a warm blanket or quilt!) and either read a good book or watch a movie while we enjoy our dessert! Cozy comforts chase away the chills. Beautiful colors in the quilt, by the way!

  28. Marjorie Amero says:

    I love sewing with homespun fabric, I make primitive stuff. I have made the tree skirt, rag quit , My next big project is to make a rag shower curtain on the next raining or snowie day….. hope its soon.

  29. Barbara says:

    I love the wintertime. I love quilts. I love to make cookies. I love my dog. I love to get cozy in the evening with my husband nearby and not have anything pressing to do but things I enjoy.

  30. Michelle says:


    My favorite things to do on a snowy rainy day would have to be…..man thats hard I love to do so many things…..hmmmmm cut and press fabric for my fabric ball projects, and I would have to add with a close second being reading a really good book. :)

  31. Jessica S. says:

    I just finished my first rag quilt and can’t wait to start on my 2nd!! Crocheting and (recently) QUILTING is my favorite gloomy weather activity!! My husband got me a new sewing machine for Christmas and I’m absolutely loving my new favorite hobby!!!

  32. Pat Olson says:

    On a cold rainy or snowy day I put on a pot of soup, bake off some chocolate chip cookies [from the freezer], and sew or embroider on a UFO. The smell of soup and cookies always inspires me. When the family gets home I bake off some biscuits and we have a great supper. After supper we all curl up with our favorite quilt and read or watch TV. On days like this, winter doesn’t seem so bad.

  33. Ellie says:

    I love the bright colors of this quilt project. Even tho I have two grandsons going to order this kit and hope for a baby girl someday. By the way my name is Ellie like the cutie modeling the quilt!

  34. Mel says:

    Love the colors in this quilt. I’m looking into making my first rag quilt. This would be very helpful.
    Very seldom do we see snow here. But on a cold, rainy day.. i like to bake cookies for my family (and of course, i eat them too, lol). I also love to cross stitch.

  35. Reba Hoskins says:

    On a snowy rainy day I love to cook with the family and then enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace and sewing and working on crafts and watching a movie with the whole family. Have my first grandbaby due in the next couple of weeks and love these quilts, they are so much fun to do. Have two daughters so it is kind of a family affair.

  36. Judy Scalf says:

    I love all the colors!!! Hope you pick me!! Judy from Kentucky

  37. Gloria Wolf says:

    I like the colors in the quilt! It will add so much to a room. On a snowy/rainy day I like to work on my sewing projects. My daughters are just starting to sew and have decided to make a rag quilt. So this project would be perfect.

  38. Melissa Offenbacher says:

    On a good snowy Ohio day I enjoy being curled up on the couch with my son watching one of his favortie movies. Then of course we end the day with a good ol’ fashion game of Uno. It is the simple pleasures that can make GREAT family memories.

  39. Marsha says:

    A cold snowy/rainy day is here! Don’t despair!

    #1 – Give housework the day off.
    #2 – Make some homemade potato soup.
    #3 – Throw on your favorite flannel jammies and slouchy socks.
    #4 – Dial in something good on the TV or on the radio.
    #5 – Grab up some stitching and fall into your favorite chair.
    #6 – RELAX, UNWIND and BE BLESSED!!! Spring will be here soon!!! :)

    We are expecting the first 5th generation grandchild in our family very soon! The MeeMaw-To-Be loves primitive decor and this baby quilt kit would make the perfect MeeMaw Blankie for her to wrap her first grandchild in while she gently rocks her to sleep :) !

  40. Karrie says:

    On snowy days I love to just curl up on the couch and read a book or magazine

  41. Jenn says:

    What a pretty quilt! A fun snowy/rainy day activity is sewing or cross-stitch while enjoying a nice cup of hot tea.

  42. Margaret Prout says:

    Rainy or snowy days are the best days to get in gear and do quilting or crocheting. I do both. Give me my coffee and slippers and I sew or crochet all day if possible.

  43. Lesa says:

    I love to bake cookies on a snowy day!

  44. Fran Neff says:

    Warm quilt, good book and some great coffee….with a fire in the stove. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  45. Kim Bergstreser says:

    That quilt is so pretty!! On snow days, we like to bundle the kids up and play out in the snow and then come in to a nice hot cup of cocoa and a warm quilt!

  46. Have been making this quilt for years and simply love it!! These fresh brights colors are yummy, just the thing we need to raise our spirits during the winter months. My list of people wanting one of these quilts is growing….so many quilts to make and barely enough time!

  47. Penny says:

    My favorite snowy day activity is to curl up under a quilt with a cup of peppermint mocha and read a good book. My other favorite thing is to work on quilts that are in progress. I’ve got a couple of quilts in the works now…………all I need is a snow day, but it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get a snow. So I guess you could insert rainy where ever snow is mentioned!

  48. Emily Simpson says:

    I have a friend that has been wanting to learn how to quilt and I told her that these type are the easiest to start with. This type was my first. She is excited about learning how to make them!

  49. Kim Geistler says:

    The best rainy day is when I am sewing, watching the rain drops fall on the window with a big cup of chi tea to sip on! I would love to have a new project for our new granddaughter.

  50. Sarah Karnes says:

    I would love the quilt for a new niece on the way. My favorite snow day activity is to curl up with a quilt and read with my Nook after helping my husband shovel snow.

  51. Kathy Bryant says:

    Love the quilt it would be good for my daughters dorm room on those cold rainy/snowy days! My favorite rainy day activitiy is to curl up with a good book/my Kindle under a quilt and read. My favorite snow day activity is to get out in it and enjoy it…then back inside in front of the fire with hot chocolate or tea.

  52. Ann Simon says:

    I love this set of bright for the quilts. I made a crib size last year for my great-grand-daughter, her big sister
    liked it so much, I have just ordered it again plus a charm pack to make one for her..
    I love the fact that you have a Christian web site, and your fabric’s are so wonderful. The on;ly site I have found with the quality of of fabrics.

  53. Mary Jones says:

    Good Morning from Texas,
    We have been blessed with a very generous amount of rain to help with the extreme drought that we have been facing for the last several months. God is good.

    Please register me in the contest to win the quilt kit.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Mary Jones

  54. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to win this kit as this is my favorite thing on your website. The colors just “pop” on my computer screen. I can only imagine how much more cheery they woould be in person.

  55. Karen Mason says:

    Love this quilt! It would look great in my granddaughter’s room. I would be thrilled to win this and be able to give this to her for her room!

  56. Nancy DiChiara says:

    I would love to try making this quilt. I have a friend who is haing triplets. This would be a great
    idea for something different for each child.

  57. Nancy says:

    What a great baby ! Love the pics!….. Love the quilt too!… Even thou I can’t beat those pics…this quilt would look great with my little niece of 6 months too! This would be a nice way for her to curl up and be all cozy in her next sled ride! This is one of out favorite winter activities. I pull and she ridfes…what a great combo! ;)

  58. Julie says:

    I love to make patchwork quilts, cross-sttch and watch old movies on television. ALSO PLAY WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN!!!

  59. kathy says:

    I have 3 grandchildren so when they come to grammes we make snow angels and have hot cocoa and do crafts my oldest wants to quilt this would be a wonderful gift to do with her…when it rains if its a warm rain i love to go for walks and what child in us doesnt love to jump in the puddles ….God bless Kathy

  60. suzann says:

    My favorite thing to do when it’s raining or cold outside (we don’t get snow here) is to sit in front of my sewing machine and sew..Love to make things..To put something together with your own hands is an amazing feeling.

  61. Mary says:

    I love raggedy quilts like the one you re giving away. I would be so excited to win it.

  62. Manon says:

    Best thing to do on a snow day … quilt !!! Start by making chili in the slow cooker, then stay in my pj’s and have a delicious cup of “cafe moka“ then start the fireplace and quilt !!! WOW … just make me wish for a snow day really soon !!!

  63. Vicki Runninger says:

    I love to paint, craft, and sew. I am teaching my grandsons to paint. next project is a simple rag quilt placemat for them to sew for their teachers for valentine’s day.

  64. Vicki Runninger says:

    I am giving a baby shower for my daughters best friend. This would look good on the storybook table. The theme is country with a storybook theme. I love the colors in this quilt. I made my first quilt from your fall collection of squares and had a lot of fun. looking forward to the next project.

  65. Rose Aesoph says:

    Love your website and love your ideas/products!

  66. Angie Stewart says:

    Me and my girls like to bake and decorate cookie. We also like to go sledding in the snow and build snowmen. I have purchased a sewing machine and would love to have this quilt to be my first project. Love all you stuff and order very often.

  67. Michelle says:

    I love to sew, or read on a cold snowy day (and of course a good cup of coffee and a pot of soup on the stove)

  68. Nancy says:

    On a Snowy/Rainy Afternoon, I like to curl up with a Sewing or Crochet project. This Quilt is Beautiful, I would just Love to win!! I am a follower by email.

    Thanks, Nancy

  69. Shelly Langley says:

    I LOVE to get in my sewing room and just sew! I love piecing quilts and making tote/diaper bags. I have always had a “thing” for homespuns, since being introduced to them while doing civilian civil war reenacting, but I have recently discovered the brights collection from Jubilee. We ordered some for a project for our homeschool co-op sewing class. I am dieing to get some for my own personal collection soon! Homespun is probably my all time favorite cloth to work with. My daughter and I get in the craft/sewing room with our Bluegrass music going and just get creative on those snowy, rainy yucky days. Thanks for offering the chance to get some of those Brights into my fabric bins!

  70. Lisa H. says:

    Sewing, baking, and playing with my grandsons are among my favorite things to do on a snowy/rainy day. Thank you for the fun giveaways!

  71. Rhonda Poston says:

    Curling up with a good book on the Kindle in front of the fireplace.

  72. Pam footen says:

    My favorite snowday activity is sitting down with a cup of warm tea and thinking about what I can sew next. Love to make rag quilts.

  73. Patricia Jackson says:

    Snowy days always take me back to my childhood. Mom would make vegetable soup and then start working on whatever quilt project she had going while I would work a jigsaw puzzle. Today things have changed a little. I’m the one making soup and working on a craft project while sitting in front of a warm fire.

  74. Courtney says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is playing UNO with my grandma!

  75. Marie says:

    This would be is such a bright and sunny throw to make during the long months of winter. It would brighten your days.

  76. Cindy K says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Crafting is definitely one of my favorite things to do on a rain/snow day!

  77. Cynthia Besalke says:

    My resolution this year is to learn to quilt. Love these brights. They would pair up nicely with all my recycled jeans squares.

  78. Becky C says:

    Favorite rainy/ snowy day activity right now is to study for my NCLEX exam (nursing board)… However, that wouldn’t be my first fun option, nothing better than a good book (or kindle) and a big comfy sweatshirt and curling up under the covers to stay warm!

  79. Roxine Burch says:

    Get in front of a warm fire, good cup of hot coffee and sew. What else? LOL
    Have a blessed day everyone

  80. Julie says:

    On days that are too cold and too snowy to go outside to run or ski, I love to stay in and work on sewing and/or craft projects :)

  81. Traci says:

    PSS. Am from New York

  82. Traci says:

    (PS I have never made a quilt unlike maybe many of your readers.If squares are pre-cut and with encouragement I think I could actually do this ! :)

  83. Traci says:

    Well my favorite snowy day activity if it’s not a work day and I can get out of my driveway ha..I like to cross country ski.If it’s a work day alass I have to just look out the window and see how pretty it is and then go back to caring for my patients. ( Work as a nurse ) ditto for the rain. I might add I live on a mountain so driving in these conditions always gets the adrenalin going Ha !

    I would like this kit as my niece is getting married in July. Wouldn’t mind making this and giving to her as a gift.

  84. Patti says:

    On rainy days I like to watch a favorite old movie and take a nap.

  85. Vicki says:

    My favorite rainy or snowy day thing is being inside with family and friends [where its warm and dry ;) ] and sharing food and visiting! Usually the women will have some type of “busy work” like crochet, knitting, embroidery, etc to work on while we talk and drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate!
    As my grandson would say “Ahhh! Good Times!”

  86. Tessa says:

    I like to go sledding on snowy days

  87. Rebecca says:

    We don’t see much snow here in TN, but I Love rainy days!! So, when I’m not chasing around my baby girl (aka, her nap time), my favorite thing to do is plop down in front of my sewing machine & quilt! Rag quilts are my favorite to make! It’s the best rainy/snowy/or any day activity!! It’s both fun & relaxing!

  88. Jenni Ingerick says:

    Baking and sewing are my favorite things to do when I’m snowed in! :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  89. Karrie says:

    My favorite winter activity is sewing of course!!

  90. Veronica says:

    Favorite rainy day activity (since we don’t get much snow in Houston): reading….followed by coss stitch/crewel embroidery, reorganizing storage spaces, making warm soup/chili/gumbo/etc, and playing with my dear son. These quilts are beautiful! I’d love to make the bright quilt for my sister; she’s expecting her first baby in June!!!!

  91. Barbara Feldner says:

    Nothing better than looking at this website and trying to decide what colors of homespun I would love to buy….then curling up in the rocker with a rag quilt over me with a cup of hot tea… love those snow days…

  92. Sandy Robertson says:

    If it snowed, maybe I would find time to sew. :-)

  93. Patsy Koffer says:

    My favorite snowy/rainy day activity is the same as my favorite sunny day activity… rag quilting!

  94. Rebecca says:

    Rainy cold days are perfect for playing card games or board games by the open fire :)

  95. Paula Mair says:

    My favorite thing to do on a snowy/rainy day is to sit at my sewing machine and be creative while watching the snow/rain fall through the window. I love to listen to music in the background. Makes for a perfect day. I could be making a quilt or clothing, doesn’t matter. It all sends me to my “happy place”.

  96. Kitty Bennefield says:

    We don’t get much snow here in east Texas, but when it rains. I love to browse the Internet and look for new interesting craft ideas. I love to make things the rag quilt looks like a fun project. I’d love to give it a try.

  97. Deb says:

    My favorite snowy/rainy day activity is cuddling up with a good book and a warm drink. Cliche, but true! :)

  98. Heather says:

    Snowy days are for curling up by the fireplace wrapped up in a soft and cozy handmade quilt sipping hot cocoa while reading your favorite novel.

  99. Angie says:

    rainy days are good for napping

  100. Jane says:

    On cold days I like to bake cookies with my granddaughter

  101. Angel says:

    Snow has been scarce for us here in Northern NY, too. Sure doesn’t stop me from piecing pretty scrap quilts from my buckets of scraps. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any new fabric this year unless it was for backing or binding to finish a quilt. It’s going to be a LONG year.

  102. Lacey says:

    My favorite snowy day activity is making a snow angel in my front yard. I don’t care that I’m 29 it’s still fun and then I warm up with a blanket and hot chocolate on my couch.

  103. Anna Baughn says:

    On snowy days I really love sewing. Rainy days not so much!

  104. Carol says:

    There is nothing I would rather do on a gloomy rainy day than sew.

  105. Kim says:

    I live in South Arkansas, so we don’t get much snow here! If we do, we get out and play, play, play!! I have a 4 year old little boy and we found out we are expecting a little girl in May! I would love to have one of these quilts for her! :)

  106. Marissa says:

    =[ I live in california so we don’t really have snow days but, were I live, we do get a lot p of rain. So, my favorite rainy day activity would be – going to the movies with my kids and then going to our local fast food place that has a large indoor play structure.

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    • Glenda King says:

      I love love your rags quilt..I would love to make that bright color quilt. For my great grandbaby one day. I love to sew and do crafts.