Feb 23

GIVEAWAY — New Rainbow Rhinestud Letters

We are sooooo excited about the new iron on rhinestud transfer rainbow letters in our studio!  These stylish lowercase alphabet letters are the perfect way to personalize just about any fabric surface.  You can use these funky letters alone or combine letters to make colorful words.

Many of the letters are available in two colors to help you get just the right look.  Unlike many of our iron on transfers, these letters are made with shiny multifaceted rhineSTUDS instead of rhinestones.  Rhinestuds really allow the vibrant colors to pop!  These transfers are applied the same way rhinestone transfers are — with a heat press or household iron.

There are so many possibilities with these rhinestud letters!  Names, initials, mascots, job words, fancy or meaningful words — you can even pair them with our rhinestone transfers to create a truly unique design like this LOVE BRONCOS shirt!  Stand out in the stands by using these letters to spell your school’s name!  Or how about a shirt for a librarian that says READ?  Or a shirt for a dental hygienist that says SMILE?  Or a cute little doggy shirt with your dog’s name or initial on it?  Maybe a decorative kitchen towel with a newlywed couple’s initials on it?  There are SO many fun possibilities!

Are you excited about these rainbow letters yet??

We want to give away an entire word to one lucky blog reader!  Leave a comment telling me what word or initial YOU would spell using our new rainbow rhinestud iron on transfers and you could win that entire word (12 letter maximum).  Comment entries will be accepted through Tuesday, February 28th at which time a winner will be randomly selected.

Good luck!  I’m excited to hear what fun words you come up with!



  1. Sha says:

    pick me!!!!! i love bling!!!! i can add bling to anything to enhance it.

  2. Laura says:

    I would want BULLDOGS because that is the high school mascot of where my sons go to!

  3. Meredith says:

    My word would be “SOLDIER”. My husband and I are both in the Army and are veterans of the Iraq war. We live our lives every day as American Soldiers and everything that those two words encompass.

  4. If I win I’d love the word “Doodlebug”. I am a face painter and this is the name I go by as a child”s entertainer. I’d make a custom shirt that would get everyone’s attention! What an eye-catching product! : )

  5. Tina Murphy says:

    My word would be “Jada”, that’s the name of my girl.

  6. Sherry Chandler says:

    Can’t wait to use the letters. My mother in law in 94 today and these are large enough to spell
    MAMAW on her ball shirt she will be wearing to all the great grandkids ballgames!!! We can keep up with her that way!

  7. Annie Brumbaugh says:

    I would spell out believe. This word has a very special meaning to my husband and I. This is what he told me when we started dating. He said all I needed to do was “believe” in him because fairytales and happlily ever afters can come true. He is my second husband and I stopped believing in love until he came into my life. We have been together 7 years now and have the best blended family. Believe is our special saying and it is displayed all over the house. Our house is full of love, hope and faith all because I took the chance to believe again.

  8. Leann B says:

    I love, love, love the new letters! If I win, I would like my letters to be ABK Designs for my company. I’m already brainstorming all of the ways to use these : )

  9. I love your products and get so many, many compliments on the jackets and shirts I have used them on…..especially the “I Believe Cross” with accent rhinestones on a black fleece jacket. If I win I would like the word “G NANNY”. Thanks. Sue

  10. Jennifer Howard Mattera says:

    I would love to create draw string lounge pant with my new last name running horizontally down the left leg of the pant, “Mrs. Mattera”
    I am a newly wed and My husband would love that! I think it would make a really fun bridal shower gift. I have 3 weddings this year. I just might make these for all the showers, the lounge pants with a matching hoodie. Fun!!

    • Jennifer Howard Mattera says:

      Vertically ;)…..nit horizontal!! Lol

    • Annie Brumbaugh says:

      Cute idea, I have a few baby showers to attend and your idea would be perfect for the mommies. My friend would love getting a comfy outfit that says Jenna’s momma

    • Rags-n-Rhinestones says:

      These are some great ideas! We’d love to see pics if you do this sometime!

      • Jennifer Howard Mattera says:

        Yay! So excited about this!! Great ideas by everyone. Will definitely send a picture once it’s done! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Leann says:

    My word would be LUCKY

  12. Angel Martin says:

    I would love one for my daghter that says “DRAMA-LAMA” thats her nick name.

  13. Mary says:

    I would love one with my daughter’s name: Taylor. She is a teenager, and rarely thinks anything is cool, but I know that she would love these letters! :)

  14. Gail Dooley says:

    This is how my grandson spelled my name when he first started learning how to write. It has stuck with me as my shortcut name to being grandma. He spelled it the way it sounded to him.

  15. Megan Wells says:

    I would probably want the word “Champions” for my daughter’s team.

  16. tanya says:

    I would make shirts for my daughters with their first names.

  17. Nan Mills says:

    Hey…… I would like one that says “handywoman”………………..:)

  18. Lacey says:

    My word would be Faith as it is the most important aspect of my life.