Apr 17

Exciting Contest Coming Soon!

Did everyone get their taxes filed on time??  I hope so!  Whether you’re feeling dejected because you just sent the IRS your hard-earned money or elated because they just sent you a big fat check we’ve got something to take your mind off taxes for a while.  Jubilee Fabric customers Stephanie and Jessica got together to make these adorable matching rag-style skirts for their daughters.   They used our Li’l Dumpling skirt pattern and added their own special touch by embellishing shirts with little rag-style hearts to match!

It’s always great to see photos of the items our customers create with Jubilee fabrics and rhinestones.  And we want to see more!!  We’ll be announcing an exciting contest soon in which YOU can submit photos of products you made with Jubilee Fabrics or Jubilee Rhinestones for a chance to win an awesome prize.  I’ll be posting all the details on May 1st but in the meantime you need to take pictures of all the cute, crazy, or crafty items you’ve created.  Or maybe you need to finish that amazing project you’ve been working on so you can submit it for the contest.  You still have time!

CONGRATULATIONS to Carla S. for winning our Big Baseball Bling giveaway.  She was so excited to win!  She’ll have a busy summer cheering for her son on all of his traveling teams but at least she’ll have plenty of baseball bling to cheer him on in style!



  1. Sounds fun!!! I love those skirts!!! Do you think the pattern could be adapted to a juniors size? I’m about a 0-2, and I’m 5’5″. I have trouble finding modest skirts in my size, so I have resorted to learning how to sew them! :) Thanks!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      I think you could easily do it. Just adjust lengths.

    • Rags-n-Rhinestones says:

      It would be easy to adapt. Just start with a tier that is a couple inches bigger than your hip measurement. Add a few inches length to each tier and keep adding tiers until it is as long as you need. Jubilee used to sell these in all sizes (including women’s) at craft shows a few years ago.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow what beautiful girls and cute skirts. Thanks for sharing.