Aug 06

Fundraising with Rhinestones

Bling for fun!  Bling for profit!

Looking for a unique way to make money for your school, team, club, or event?  You can use our customizable iron on rhinestone transfers as a fundraiser!  Simply order a custom design from us, order blank shirts in bulk from places like this, this, or this, and have an ironing party to apply the transfers to the shirts!  Once the shirts are blinged with your school/team/club/event’s name you can sell them to raise money!

Our customizable designs range in price from $2.90 to $9.49 for a 25 piece minimum order (most fall in the $5-6 range) and we can give an even better price if you order 50 or more.   T-shirts cost approximately $3-5 when purchased in bulk.  Sell the finished shirts for $20 each and make around $10 in profit from each shirt you sell!  Choose the design and shirt you like best and do the math to figure out how much YOU could raise selling shirts blinged with our iron on transfers!

And people won’t buy these shirts only to use them for cleaning rags!  Shirts blinged with our sparkly rhinestones will distinguish your students, fans, members, or supporters from those of other organizations.

Here are just a few of our customizable iron on rhinestone transfers.  Check out our entire selection on our Customizables page and let your imagination soar!  Feel free to contact us with ANY questions.  We’re happy to help!



  1. Melissa Vargas says:


    What is the time frame for these to be done?