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Staff Favorites

Ever wonder who’s behind all those rhinestones and ragged edges?  Jubilee Rhinestones and Jubilee Fabrics are a part of Jubilee Creative Studio — a family business based in beautiful, quaint, scenic Siloam Springs, AR.  Siloam Springs was named by Smithsonian magazine as one of the 20 Best Small Towns in America in May 2012.  It’s a great place to live and work!

Jubilee Creative Studio employs three full-time employees and two part-time employees.

Gayla is the creative genius behind Jubilee Fabrics and Jubilee Rhinestones.  She started selling homemade crafts at craft shows in 1997 and has continued to expand and fine tune her product.  Gayla is always brainstorming new product ideas or creating something.  Her interests range from watching her son play high school basketball to researching organic foods to remodeling houses.  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Gayla sitting on her patio enjoying the sights and sounds of the backyard.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestone item: Zebra Swirl Cross

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Petal Pink Charm Pack


Sara (B.A. Graphic Design) is our full-time Studio Manager and Graphic Designer.  She’s been designing iron on rhinestone transfers and doing all sorts of other design work for us since May 2011.  She will work with you to create custom designs to meet your specific needs.  Sara has read ALL of Jane Austen’s novels, loves cupcakes, and is the proud wife of a United States Marine.  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Sara working on her latest sewing project (a t-shirt quilt) or playing Words With Friends on her phone.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones itemLotus Flower

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics itemBubblegum 4


Amanda (B.S. Marketing) is the newest member of our team.  She’s our social networking guru and customer service whiz.  Amanda is responsible for most of Jubilee’s facebook, twitter, and pinterest activities as well as answering customer emails.  She is passionate about business, missions, and the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Amanda was born on Christmas Day and she and her husband are both lefties.  What are the odds?  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Amanda cheering on the Razorbacks with her husband.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones item: Razorback

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Ragged Christmas Stocking Pattern

(see Amanda and her husband making Christmas Stockings together!)


Dorothy (Dot) Abshier is organizer extraordinaire in the Studio.  Dot works one day a week and does her best to keep us all in line — a job she’s had for many, many years as Mom and/or Grandma to the rest of the staff.  In addition to these duties, Dot is responsible for making all the Primitive Homespun Ornaments we sell.  She has been married for 52 years to the same wonderful man.  On a lazy winter evening, you will probably find Dot sitting near her warm wood stove reading a good book or studying the Good Book.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestone item: In God We Trust

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Christmas Plaid 1 (for making the Primitive Ornaments)


And this is me — Stefanie (M.S. Information Science).  I live four hours away from Siloam Springs so all my work is done online.  I manage the blog, write newsletters, and add inventory files when new products arrive.  I am a football fan and manage two fantasy football leagues — a family league and a ladies only league.  I also have three children, age 4-yrs, 3-yrs, and 1-yr, to keep me busy!  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find me reading, browsing Pinterest, or practicing my sewing.  I’m definitely a beginner but slowly getting better!

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones item: all the bright, fun Rainbow Letters

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Sweetheart Throw Homespun Fabric Kit


So now you can put a few faces behind the business!  You can read more about everyone on our Staff page if you’re interested.  It really is a family business.  Gayla started it all, then hired her daughters (Stefanie and Sara), her mother (Dot), and her niece (Amanda).  Now you know our favorites — what are yours??

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  1. Shannon says:

    I loved this blog post! :) It’s nice to meet all of you, and I look forward to giving you all some business soon. I love your website and the scripture woven within it!