Sep 21

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

Ahh, Pinterest – it’s hard not to love! If you’re not already addicted to this virtual pinboard sensation like me, you’ve probably at least heard the buzz associated with this new online community. Pinterest is unique in that it allows you to share and organize just about anything online that you find intriguing. Whether it’s recipes, home decorating tips, craft projects, or wedding ideas, Pinterest overflows with inspiration! And, not only do you share your own boards with the Pinterest community, but you also have the opportunity to browse the pinboards of others. This is a great way to discover new ideas from those who have similar tastes as you or to expand your creative horizons with ideas that are on the edge of your comfort zone.

We are pretty smitten with Pinterest here at Jubilee. We love sharing our ideas and being inspired by the ideas of others. Pinterest is quite pin-tastic and you should consider joining if you haven’t already. We’d love to connect with YOU, so browse our page and follow us! We’re developing our Pinterest boards to be places of color, creativity, and connectivity and we can’t wait to see what pin-teresting ideas you have, too! Oh, and happy pinning of course!

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