Oct 11

Plan Now, Relax Later

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year that separates the Planners from the Procrastinators.

The Planners already know what they are giving everyone for Christmas and have probably already completed a few homemade gifts.  They’ve sewn a Christmas Tree Skirt and are almost done sewing all the Christmas Stockings for this year’s mantle.  Autumn decorations have adorned their houses for a couple weeks already.  Way to go, Planners!

The Procrastinators haven’t even thought about Christmas yet.  Thanksgiving is also too far away to plan.  In a couple of weeks, they will hastily throw together some Autumn/Halloween decorations and resolve that next year they’ll start decorating earlier.  I’m not judging the Procrastinators — I know exactly how a Procrastinator thinks because I lump myself in this group.

To my fellow Procrastinators — it’s not too late to become a Planner!!  Start your holiday sewing projects now and save yourself from all the stress of doing things at the last minute.

We’ll even help you get started!  All of our Christmas Homespun Fabrics AND Christmas Patterns are on sale through Sunday, October 14th.  Buy now, sew now, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your beautiful homemade Christmas decorations in December.

I need to take my own advice and get started on all the Christmas projects I have in my head.  I’ll be facing a busy, busy December if I don’t!

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1 comment!

  1. Hooray!!! Thank you so much! Reading this blog post inspired me to make stockings as Christmas gifts for me family. :)