Oct 19

Jubilee Loves… Our Customers!

We love our customers!  Well, obviously we love our customers — we wouldn’t be in business without you!  But it’s fun to see what happens to our homespun fabrics after they leave our shelves.  You guys are so creative!
Here are two ways customers are using Jubilee Fabrics in their own businesses:

Renee uses our homespun fabrics to make beautiful handmade rag wreaths in her beach-side home.  Her wreaths come in a variety of colors and styles — each one is unique and would be a striking addition to any front door.

You can view more of Renee’s Rag Wreaths in her Etsy store, RagWreathBoutique.  She’s got several Autumn inspired wreaths if you’re looking for a quick fix for your front door this Fall.


One of our newer customers with a unique product is Dandy’s — The Gentleman’s Store. In their own words, Dandy’s is “a haberdashery that creates custom made, turn of the century inspired gentleman’s garb — specializing in 1870′s-1930s men’s suiting.”

I had to google “haberdashery” and learned that a “haberdasher” is someone who deals in men’s clothing and accessories.  And now I’ve added a new word to my vocabulary!

Husband and wife team, Christopher and Wendy, dreamed up the idea for Dandy’s while planning their wedding in 2009.  They now have a wide selection of dandy items on their dandysuit website.  Check it out!  It’s a unique, interesting site to browse!  You can find some Jubilee Homespun Fabrics as options for their dandy shirts.

Now you know what two of our customers do with Jubilee Fabrics — what’s YOUR favorite thing to make with homespun fabric?

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