Nov 20

Rag Wreath Giveaway

A cozy Rag Wreath adorned with wooden buttons and handmade ornaments –  what a perfect way to kick off the Christmas season!  Hang it on a door, place it on your mantle, or tie it to a banister to add a homespun touch to your home this winter.  It’s fairly easy to make a wreath like this one (and even easier to buy one on sites like, but one lucky blog reader will win this handmade Homespun Rag Wreath from Jubilee Fabrics.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, November 27th.  One winner will be randomly selected and notified via email the following day.

This Rag Wreath would make a great Christmas gift or hostess gift!  Or keep it for yourself and pass it down to your children or grandchildren as a unique heirloom piece.



  1. Reba says:

    Thank you so much rags-n-rhinestones! I cannot wait to hang this up on my door for Christmas!
    God Bless and have a Merry Christmas!

    • Rags-n-Rhinestones says:

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for visiting the blog. And God Bless and Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Karine Sullivan says:

    LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT!!! So original!!!! I would love to have the patter for this!! Good job!!!

  3. Dana Barr says:

    Would be perfect on my door at school/ LOve IT!

  4. Rachel Thren says:

    Love the wreath!! Would LOVe to win it :)

  5. Major Wade says:

    This wreath is so so pretty. I love country and Homespun Fabrics. I have made a yoyo string garland for my tree from your squares and it is so pretty on my country tree. Congrats to the winner and I hope that’s me.

  6. Candice Cooper says:

    I am submitting my contact information to enter the Rag Wreath Giveaway contest.

    I love your website and products!

    I will be making my first rag quilt this winter with your homespun fabrics! I am so excited!

    Thank you.

  7. Misty Wathen says:

    I absolutely love all of your ragged homespun ideas. I want to thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful wreath. Happy Holidays and good luck to all who have entered to win.

  8. Karen Sizemore says:

    What a beautiful wreath . I would love to win this to give it to my mom to try to brighten her Christmas We just lost my dad in October to colon cancer It’s been such a hard time getting over this for her and all of us. Thank you for the chance to win

  9. Lee says:

    Oh I hope I am not too late to enter your giveaway. I only just discovered you! Great products.

  10. Tina Gibbs says:

    The wreath would look even more beautiful on my front porch door!! I started to make one of these but ran out of patience!! So I made yoyo’s instead with my homespun fabric!

  11. carol says:

    Love the wreath!

  12. Anna B says:

    This is the most beautiful rag wreath to date. I am going to try and win this one, but am going to follow your instructions to try and achieve making one. Glad for Jubilee Fabrics…I am Rag Crazy!!!

  13. Carol Myers says:

    I am so glad I found this company to purchase homespun fabrics. This wreath would look great in my home or a nice gift for someone.

  14. Dana Rickels says:

    This is so pretty. Someone did a fantastic job! Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to win it. Merry Christmas!

  15. Sue Carey says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful wreath!

  16. Tracy Moore says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  17. Reba Hoskins says:

    Love this wreath. I already have the ornaments and would love to have a wreath for the wall. Merry Christmas!

  18. Shelly K. says:

    What a welcoming wreath! I just love homespun materials and how they look used in crafts. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  19. Jana white says:

    I am currently sitting beside my daughter’s hospital bed waiting for the arrival of my first grandchild “Cooper” and looking at pinterest for some new christmas ideas for my daughter’s house since this will be my grandson first Christmas with all of us and fell in love with this wreath and tree skirt! I hope I win:)

  20. PhyllisMawyer says:

    I really love this idea for the rag wreath. Already have materials to make one for myself!

  21. Jacqueline Mullins says:

    Love the ragged wreath. I would love to have this hanging on my front door when my family comes to visit at Christmas. I enjoy seeing all the new projects on your site. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Robin Scott says:

    This is a beautiful wreath and a fine example of what homespun charm is all about. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  23. judy Grey says:

    What an awesome addition over my fireplace for a Country Canadian Christmas. The colors are lovely, and it is something I would never tire of.

  24. Lynn says:

    I could win the office door decorating contest at work with this wreath!!

  25. Priscilla says:

    Love the wreath and your site. Looking forward to trying many projects.

  26. Gloria says:

    It is a great wreath and I would like to make some for my girls!

  27. Karen says:

    Would look great with my decor…..I love it!!!

  28. betty says:

    beautiful wreath would look good on my door

  29. Beth says:

    So glad I came upon this website recently. So looking forward to receiving the items I’ve ordered and how wonderful is this wreat?! Anyone would be lucky to have this.

  30. terry says:

    this wreath is amazing would love it and also i would like to make one or two

  31. jOYCE wAITE says:

    This is a beautiful wreath. I would love to have it and make some for my family and friends.

  32. Cindy Piazza says:

    I love all of your items. i have ordered from you before and plan to order more in the future. i especially love the rag wreath. someone gave my sister one a few years ago and it is absolutely beautiful. I would really love to hang the wreath on my front door so everyone can see. It would be a beautiful addition to all my holiday decorating. I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday.
    Cindy Piazza

  33. Pat Hathaway says:

    I love working with the homespun fabrics and would be proud to show this beautiful wreath on my front door. Whoever wins it will be a very lucky person.

  34. amy says:

    Love the wreath!!!

  35. phyllis fouts says:

    is a great looking wreath…..would love to have

  36. Nina Owen says:

    Wow! It is so beautiful wreath I love this one. It is cozy country for the wall or door. Thank you for let us have draw a prize one. I hope I can get it. Happy Day! Nina

  37. Nancy says:

    I must say that is so cute. You girls are so talented.

  38. Lucie Lind says:

    I love this wreath! Beautiful!!!

  39. Gail B says:

    Love this Rag Wreath. It would look stunning in my home.

  40. Renee Smith says:

    I love your fabric I bought. I wish I could find the christmas red with black plaid to use.

    I love the wreath, is this made from one of your charm packs? I would like to make some for xmas presents.

  41. Faye Seal says:

    This wreath would look great on our newly restored log cabin. It’s getting about time I made another rag quilt, made for everyone else except myself.

  42. Edna McCann says:

    Just made some rag placemats from homespun purchased from Jubilee. They turned out perfecy. The wreath would surely match them!

  43. Rene Leighty says:

    This is such a cute wreath!! I would love to win it!! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much!!

  44. Sparkle says:

    The Rag Wreath would add charm to our farm house front door. Very beautiful and makes you feel welcome just looking at it.

  45. Diane Ross says:

    I love this wreath I hope I win

  46. Paula says:

    I am working on the sweetheart rag quilt that I purchased from your website. I love this fabric. This wreath is beautiful. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one.

  47. Shelly Haenel says:

    I still have the perfect spot for this gorgeous wreath!

  48. Susie Wright says:

    This wreath is absolutely gorgeous – really want to have it to hang this xmas! So looking forward to a homespun Xmas at our house with my 3 kids& my darling 3 little grandsons who are age 2 — 19 months & 18 months! Will be a fun fun Xmas with them – love making our home feel homey and cozy with primitive homespun look – sure hope I win this!

  49. LiVawne Norris says:

    Love the Rag Wreath, it is beautiful!

    Love all my fabric that I have purchased from you. Will continue to be a customer.

    Thanks, LiVawne Norris

  50. Vicki Runninger says:

    I love this wreath, have a few questions. How many strips did it take to make this beautiful wreath? Are those wooden buttons?

    My sister in Texas loves it also. I sent her your website and told her to buy her fabric here. I made her a table runniner for Christmas, she does not know about that yet. :-))

    Keep up the great work, I love it all.

  51. Renee says:

    Very pretty and a great idea! I wonder how it’s made?

  52. Judy says:

    This wreath is adorable!!

  53. Michelle says:

    I love this!!! If I don’t win I will be making one for myself. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  54. maria Schulz says:

    I love this in my new home it would look very wonderful on the fireplace. But if i did win it look to make one, for myself..

  55. Carol Barber says:

    I am so glad I found your website. I love the homespun, country style of quilts and Christmas ornaments. It reminds me of the “old day”, and it makes me feel good just to look at the beautiful country colors. I am a “quilter wanna-be”. My sweet husband bought me a beautiful Bernina sewing machine, and I have stacks of beautiful material. But I’m still intimidated to try to quilt on my own. I’ve seen the rag quilts before, and I want to try making one of those. The instructions and examples on your web site are wonderful, and I am more confident now that I can make my own rag quilt. I’m also going to make country ornaments like you have on your web site. Thank you for your website, and for the encouragement it gives me to take the big step and try to quilt on my own.

  56. Betsy says:

    OMG, would love to win this, I think it is beautiful.

  57. cindy bryan says:

    I love this wreath. I’m totally addicted to homespun. Just cant get enough of it. Would love to have this wreath. Thanks for the opportunity.

  58. Vera Koch says:

    This is beautiful….would love to win it!

  59. Barbara says:

    Would love to win this beautiful Christmas wreath.

  60. Lorie says:

    This is gorgeous!! Would LOVE to win this! Second best would be to find the pattern! Will it be available to purchase soon?

  61. Michele says:

    Very cute wreath! I’m happy to have found your homespun fabrics at a reasonable price. Thank you.

  62. Nancy A. says:

    This would fir in with my style… homespun. Can’t get enough of it!!!

  63. Cheri G says:

    Terrific wreath!

  64. Marianela Vigouroux says:

    Esta preciosa y como no querer tenerla colgada en mi puerta en el sur de Chile, de no ganarla tendre que hacerme una…EN LO SIMPLE ESTA LO BELLO.
    Felicidades y gracias..

  65. Linda Adams says:

    This is adorable and looks like it was a lot of work. Who wouldn’t love this in their home?

  66. Eryleenn Hammons says:

    I love your company and I love this wreath. I have a log cabin and would love to win this to display on my door, just love it!

  67. tjgilstrap1 says:

    Love the rag wreath and would love to win! Thank you

  68. Barbara Pyles says:

    This wreath is “homespun”!! very festive and creates a feeling of a time when things were less hectic!!!

  69. Cindy says:

    Love it…..

  70. O this is beautiful love it. I sure hope i can win!!! I need to look a t more quilt material while i’m on here to i need more. Thanks for the chance a winning. God bless on this Holiday season1

  71. Kathy says:

    Love, love, love this wreath! I have made similar ones, but this one inspires me to do mine different!!

  72. Kari says:

    I absolutely love this wreath ♡. I’m thinking I might have to make one!

  73. Joy says:

    What a lovely wreath. I just finished my first rag quilt with your fabric. It turned out just right. My son loves it. Thank you!

  74. Susan Cox says:

    This is one of the best wreaths I have ever seen! I would treasure it!

  75. Beth Laverty says:

    I love this wreath. I would love to win it but if not I might try to make one after the holidays!

  76. Susan Combs says:

    Absolutely love this wreath! Beautiful!!!!!

  77. Donna Seil says:

    I really love this wreath. It would be so nice on my door.

  78. Mary Donley says:

    Oh i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath!! i would treasure it and would look beautiful up on my fireplace! :))

  79. Marty Everhart says:

    I love it would go good in my home . I love the rag things !!!!!

  80. Pam says:

    This wreath is beautiful! It would look great on my door and I would love to win it!

  81. Karen White says:

    Very beautiful. I had never thought to do the rag type of wreath like this. I’ve used the homespun for so many things I will have to try this. Is there a pattern maybe? I have so many scraps left from other projects maybe I could use them. Definately will have to experimate after the holidays. I love checking into your website to get my mind to work outside the box on new creations. Happy holidays to all

  82. Kam says:

    This is the perfect wreath to PRIMITIZE my front door!

  83. Denise Hoffman says:

    I would love to win this wreath. Love the colors!!

  84. Ginette Perreault says:

    I would love to win this beautiful cozy Christmas Rag Wreath. It would look so beautiful on my front door. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win this beautiful wreath…

    Happy Holidays and Im keeping my fingers cross :)


  85. Heather Goodwin says:

    Love all the great Holiday crafts. Just finished the rag tree skirt & it is awesome.

  86. Shelly Haenel says:

    This is so beautiful! I have the perfect place for this!

  87. I love this wreath, Gayla. It is simply breathtaking. Merry Christmas to you and your family and staff.

  88. Loretta Benner says:

    This is beautiful……would love to win it to go with my rag decorated tree!!

  89. Lacey says:

    This wreath is gorgeous!

  90. LaRae Moore says:

    It’s Beautiful!!!! I love it!!
    God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!

  91. Maggie says:

    I think this wreath would be a perfect addition to my country themed home. My present wreath is looking very worn and sad and really needs to be replaced.

  92. Ann says:

    Beautiful, would love to own it.

  93. rosie says:

    I’ve already made two lovely pillows for the men in my life and am working on a leg warmer for my elderly father in law. With Jubilee’s help and blessings I love doing this so much. Their fabrics are great and their pdf patterns just as great. Love the Christmas wreath, too. Won’t have time to make one this year, but maybe make one nest year. God Bless whoever wins this lovely wreath. Jubilee’s folks are a blessing to us all. God Bless Jubilee. rosie stell and family

  94. Tammy Linder says:

    Love, Love, Love the wreath. I have made alot with this fabric and getting ready to make curtains for my sons kitchen and dinning room!! I love the wreath it would be beautiful on my front door!!

  95. Mary Braun says:

    I am making a victorian rag wreath for a christmas present from your 5″ charm packs. I used the pinks and asst. pink and green charms. Turning out pretty nice.

  96. Connie Smith says:

    I would love to win this and give it to my sister Cami back in Rockford, IL. She lives alone and I think this would really cheer her up. I would make a homespon quilt to go along with it so she could be all cozy this winter while watching TV.

    It really nice and I’m sure she would love it.

    Thanks for the chance to win it.

    Connie Smith

  97. maria Schulz says:

    i love it this something different, love to make one too. can i get the patttern or buy the pattern

  98. Gorgeous!!! What a very generous giveaway–thank you! My home is decorated in mainly country/primitives, and would you believe it…I do not own a single wreath! This would bless my heart and home for the Christmas season. God bless! :)

  99. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful wreath. I need one like this as its too cold for a living wreath and fake green wreaths look very fake to me….

  100. Stephanie says:

    This wreath is so beautiful! I am primitive collector. Next fall im getting married so I’m looking for home warming items for our new home and this is such a warming piece of decor :)

  101. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh, I just love the colours and textures….it would look so wonderful in my house…hahaa! Thanks for the chance to win. x

  102. Amy says:

    Love this wreath and everything ragged!!!

  103. Sheila Lemke says:

    Oh how beautiful, I would love to be the winner-Sheila

  104. Andrea says:

    I absolutely love this wreath. I love the material from my previous order & I will certainly order material from you in the future. Hope you & all the staff of Jublilee have A very Blessed Thanksgiving!

    Andrea Bradberry

  105. Barbara says:

    Cute wreath, great way to start decorating for the holidays!

  106. Donna says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this wreath. Love it! Take Care and I hope that you and your families have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving! God Bless! Donna

  107. VickiT says:

    What a beautiful wreath.

  108. Patsy Koffer says:

    Love, love, love!!!

  109. Jan says:

    I love anything that is Rag.

  110. Karen Barnes says:

    This wreath is very nice. I would love to hang it in my house.

  111. This is gorgeous and I would LOVE to win it! :)

  112. Marina says:

    Such a warm and pretty item to complement the look of Christmas in my Dutch home. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

  113. Pam Neff says:

    What a pretty wreath!! Hope I’m the lucky one!!!

  114. Melissa /caylor says:

    Love this wreath. Great for the holidays

  115. Angie says:

    This is gorgeous would go great with my christmas tree with my all my ragged oraments. Love this homespun stuff. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  116. Ann says:

    I love these! Thank you so much for providing inspiration for a lovely holiday season.

  117. cammy says:

    Adorable! Love Christmas time!

  118. What an adorable wreath. I love the ornie and buttons that were added to the wreath. Would look Great hanging on my door! :D