Sep 13

Candy Corn Fall Craft Project with Burlap

September is here and it’s beautiful as always!  This is probably the very best time of year here in the South with warm days and cool evenings.  We’ve had some fun here in the studio with our burlap products and I’m going to share a great fun and easy fall craft project using our mini triangle burlap shapes.  These little burlap triangles come three in a pack for $2.50.  For the busy crafter, we also offer a burlap banner with the triangles already stitched onto a chunky jute rope. These burlap flags are great for stenciling letters to form words or adding cutout fabric or paper shapes.  But in this case, their adorable little triangle shape was just begging for some yellow, orange and white paint.  What could say “Fall fun” more than candy corn?

So… we stitched nine of the little triangles onto a stretch of our jute rope spacing them about 1 inch apart.  We tied a couple of loop knots on the ends to hang it with.  Anna, one of our studio assistants, used a soft stencil brush to add craft paint to the burlap.  She used painters tape to mark off the lines where the color would change.

When stenciling with craft paint like this, you always want to make sure that you dab the brush enough to removed excess paint before applying it to the burlap.  Remember that you can always add more paint if needed but it’s really hard to remove once it’s on there.


We were VERY pleased with the candy corn burlap banner when it was finished.

An unexpected benefit of this little project was that the banner made such a nice prop for photographing our favorite little Tiger.  All dressed up and ready for fall festivities in his 5 month picture!

Now that the photo shoot is over, I’m tempted to hang this adorable painted burlap banner on my fireplace but we’ve decided that it will be our next “giveaway”.  Where would you use this banner in your house?  Watch our Facebook business page for a chance to enter a contest to win this candy corn burlap banner!  The giveaway announcement will be soon.


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1 comment!

  1. Cindy says:

    My very first thought — before getting to the question asking where I’d put it in my home — was that it would be awesome to use on the sides of the Girl Scout banner in the local Fall Parade! A few years ago, the girls dressed up as candy corn (making a similar project out of cardboard to hang over their shoulders). But, no matter the costume chosen this year, using this cording to hold the banner would add a really, really nice touch, which would be sure to get added cheers from the crowd – and – added notice from the judges!