Nov 06

Cutest Little Burlap Christmas Tree EVER!

Break out the Christmas crafts!  If you’re going to have them ready for the holidays, you need to start early.  At least, that’s my excuse anyway.  Honestly, I could probably be happy doing Christmas crafts all year long.  Especially this year since we’ve added a lot of new burlap products and materials to our inventory.  So, as my first Christmas craft of the season, I present to you the Cutest Little Burlap Christmas Tree EVER!

I saw a similar tree for sale at a market and knew I’d just have to try making one.  It was actually much easier than I had anticipated.  I took pics along the way and I’ve written some brief overview instructions below.  This basic concept could be adapted several different ways depending on your personal taste.  If you make one of these, send us a picture!  We’d love to show some of them on our Jubilee Fabric facebook page.

Cutest Little Burlap Christmas Tree EVER


  • You’ll need a basic styrofoam cone shape as the base.  If you want to be creative, you can use just about any cone shape.  This will dictate the size of your tree.  The cone I used was about 12″ tall.
  • A couple sheets of kraft label paper.  This will be used to cover the cone and make a background for the burlap folds.   If you don’t want to buy the label paper, you can just glue any kraft paper to your cone.
  • Burlap:  It’s hard to say how much because the bigger your tree, the more burlap you’ll need.  For this size, I used about four rolls of our 4 inch wide frayed burlap ribbon.
  • Topper:  Use your imagination!  This 2″ wire edged red chevron ribbon was perfect for my design.  This bow was made from one roll.
  • Glue gun and glue.  … lots of it!

Instructions & pics:

  1. Cover your cone with the kraft label paper or otherwise glue kraft paper onto the cone.
  2. Cut about twenty 4 inch wide squares from the burlap.  Fold them together matching 2 opposite corners and put a dab of glue to hold the corners together.
  3. Now glue one of the burlap folds onto your cone as shown in the image below.  Make sure the bottom of the fold lightly touches the table.  Glue the top of the fold securely to the cone.  Then just tack the bottom of the cone with just a dab of glue.  You basically just want to keep it lined up nicely in place.  Make sure you don’t glue any of this bottom row to the table!
  4. Keep adding more folds until you go all the way around the base of the cone.
  5. Now add a second row just about 1″ above the first.  Squeeze a new fold in between the existing folds of the first row.  Again, attache them securely at the top but just tack them in place at the bottom to keep them from sticking out awkwardly.  Depending on the size of your cone, you may need to make a few more 4″ squares to complete these two rows.  I basically just made up the squares as I needed them since it’s kind of hard to predict.

  6. Now cut some 3.5 inch squares and repeat steps 3 – 5 to create two more rows of folds made with the 3.5 inch squares.
  7. Even smaller now… cut some 3 inch squares and make two more rows.  If your cone is much taller than mine, you may want to make three rows instead of two.
  8. One more time… cut 2.5 inch squares and finish off the last couple rows with these small ones.
  9. Now pull out any burlap “strings” that are coming loose from the sides.  You may have to clip them with the scissors to get them out if they have been caught in the glue.  Pull loose strings as much or as little as you want to create a slight fraying on the edges of the burlap.
  10. Top the tree with your embellishment of choice.  I made a bow out of a single roll of our Red Chevron Wire Edge burlap ribbon which will coordinate nicely with some other Christmas projects I have planned.  But I also experimented with several different toppers which I photographed to show you.

I think this project probably took me just about an hour to finish.  I’ve already received lots of compliments on my little tree and I’ve been so pleased with it.  So throw on some Christmas music, break out the hot cider and make a burlap Christmas tree for your home!  Happy Christmas crafting, everyone!



  1. Lynn Harrison says:

    This is so cute. Love it. sounds easy, we shall see.

  2. Beth Laverty says:

    Love this. I just bought some burlap and wondered what to do with it. Now I know

  3. karen bardo says:

    Thanks so much! Anxious to do one or two….

  4. Pamela Footen says:

    That is so cute… thanks