Nov 15

Homespun Rag Wreath

Are you wanting to make an amazing new wreath for your home but don’t have much time for a big crafting project?  Then you will love this simple rag style wreath.  We love the rag wreaths so much that we’re going crazy making different colors and styles!  I’ve outline the basic steps below but before I get to that I want to show you some pictures of the wreaths that we’ve made this month.  These wreaths were made using strips of homespun fabric.  You can buy packs of strips or cut/tear them yourself.  I’m hoping you will find something that will inspire you to create your own unique rag style wreath!

Rag Wreaths by Jubilee Creative Studio:

This wreath below was made using 6 packages of our 1.5″ precut Dark Tea Dye fabric strips cut into 6 inch strips.  The bow was made with the 2.5″ Black fabric strips. We used colorful homespun fabric yoyos to decorate as well as wooden buttons and fabric scraps for bows.  The wire frame form was the larger 18″ size and it required 5 packages of the Dark Tea Dye fabric strips to fill it out.  This wreath was the favorite of our studio assistant Anna and it will be adorning her home this fall!

This warm and simple wreath was made with a smaller 12″ wire frame.  We used 3 packs of the 1.5″ homespun fabric strips in the Gold 5 color, cut into 6″ strips.  The bow was made with some scrap homespun fabric, a stray fabric yoyo and a wooden button.  I love the simple, homestyle look of this rag wreath!  This wreath will be finding its way into someone’s home in the next few weeks through our exciting giveaways!  Check our Facebook business page often for giveaway announcements!

This beautiful wreath is made from about three yards of our Ginger Blue homespun fabric collection with about eight of our 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon mixed in.  These fabric strips were torn about 1.25″ wide and then cut 7 inches long.  The fabrics and the burlap make such a lovely, seaside-like combination that we didn’t add any embellishments to this design.  I plan to enjoy this wreath year ’round in my guest room which has a matching quilt cover!

Are you hooked yet?  This last wreath is made with three different colors of our 1.5″ Homespun Fabric Strips and 3 rolls of the 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon.  The mix of these warm colors give this wreath a soft homey appearance.  It works perfectly with many holiday decor themes or could easily be used all year long with similar decor colors.   This is the wreath that I photographed my steps with so follow along below as I show you how simple a Rag Wreath project can be!

  1. You’ll need to decide what color and size you want your wreath to be and assemble your materials.  For a large 18″ wire frame, you’ll need about 2-3 yards of fabric or 5 packs of our 1.5″ fabric strips.  This wreath shown here is a 12″ wreath and here are the materials we used:
  2. Cut your fabric strips and burlap ribbon into 6″ strips.
  3. Begin tying the strips onto the wire frame.  Fill up one “section” at a time and mingle the burlap in just occasionally.

  4. When adding the burlap ribbon, pinch the ribbon in half at the point that it wraps the wire.   This will help you get a tighter knot with the stiff burlap.

  5. The wire frame is usually separated into six “sections”.  Fill each section loosely.  Once you have all the sections loosely filled, then go back and add the remaining strips.  This will help you evenly distribute the fabric.
  6. When finished, the back of your wreath should show the knots, like the picture below, and the front should be full and fluffy.
  7. Now for the fun part!  Embellish and decorate your wreath as you so desire.  … or just use it as it is!  Either way can be beautiful.  We used our 2″ Wired Edge Burlap Ribbon to shape a nice full bow on this wreath but you should definitely put your own personal spin on the embellishments.  Now go hang it on your door and let your neighbors and friends be amazed at your own unique handmade creation!  :-)

Don’t forget to watch our Facebook page for giveaway announcements.  We’ll be giving away this multi-color wreath and the gold wreath sometime in the next few weeks.  Be inspired!

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But my loving kindness will not be removed from you
… says the Lord who has compassion on you.  Isaiah 54:10


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