Nov 19

Burlap & Homespun Christmas Tree Decorations

When do you decorate your Christmas tree?  Thanksgiving weekend?  Christmas Eve?  Early in December?  Most families have some sort of tradition associated with decorating the Christmas tree in their home.  When our kids were younger, we would decorate the tree on Thanksgiving evening and we always bought a family movie to watch during the activity.  We enjoy change in our family so some years the tree decor would bust out in some new color or theme.

This year we decorated a bit early because of the late Thanksgiving schedule and we did a burlap and homespun inspired tree!  Oh the creative possibilities with THAT!  So… I cordially invite you to “tour our tree” through the images below and see all the fun burlap and homespun fabric decorations.  Once you get started thinking along this line, the ideas start flowing.  I bet these pictures will spark some creative ideas of your own and if they do, please leave us a comment telling us what YOU would do with burlap and/or homespun on a Christmas tree.

Our first picture here is the full view of the tree in all it’s glory, from the ribbon bow top to the ruffled burlap skirt bottom!  All the various decor items were sourced from our website:

Sitting on top is a bow made from two rolls of the 2″ Red Chevron Wired Edge Burlap Ribbon.  The we wrapped some more of the Red Chevron Burlap Ribbon around the tree as a garland.  For this particular tree, I think we used about 5 more rolls.  We made fabric “gumdrop” ornaments using three homespun yoyos glued together and some jute string.

We whipped up a good old fashion “chain” garland using our 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon and a glue gun.  The ribbon was cut into 6.5 inch strips and then just looped together and glued to form a chain.  Each roll of 1″ ribbon would give us about 30″ – 33″ of chain garland.  This would be a really fun Christmas craft project for kids if you used Elmers glue instead of hot glue.

The red bows covering the tree were made from our 1.5″ Homespun Fabric Strips in the Dark Red 2 fabric color option.  The strips are 40″ long and come in a set of 12.  We cut them to 20″ before tying the bows so we got 24 bows from one pack of strips.

My daughter Sara used Christmas homespun scraps to add a fabric embellishment to a couple of our Burlap Triangle Flag Banners.  These banners are typically used over fireplaces or over window but they looked ADORABLE on this tree as an unique decor element.


Finally, we filled in all the gaps with these soft, feminine burlap and homespun fabric flowers and a generous helping of large and small size Burlap Ball Ornaments.   The finishing touch was few quilted homespun ornaments that were handmade by my mom.

This Ruffled Burlap Tree Skirt anchored our picture perfect Christmas tree with such burlap fluffiness!  Designed to go with the Ruffled Burlap Tree Skirt are some adorable Ruffled Burlap Stockings which will soon be hanging from my mantle.

By the way… did you notice the homespun and burlap wrapped gifts under the tree?  And the burlap drawstring gift bags?  That’s a little preview of another blog that will be coming soon!  I’m going to show you all the cute ways we found to wrap up your Christmas in burlap and homespun fabric.  Stay tuned!

Did you think of some fun and creative ideas for burlap and homespun?  We’d love to hear about it!  Just leave us a comment with your idea or suggestion or even better, send us a picture of what you make!  Be inspired!


But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, My times are in Your hand.
Psalm 31: 14,15

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1 comment!

  1. Betsy says:

    I love the tree and the way you used the different ways of wrapping the gifts. Absolutely love it! I can’t wait to see your instructions for all of this. I sent your site to my daughter since she loves crafting also.