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Personalized Burlap and Ragged Homespun Gift Bag

baby-showerWe all know that presentation is sometimes almost as important as the gift it’s self and with just a little effort, you can create this amazing personalized burlap and homespun gift bag.  The bag pictured here was for a baby shower for a new baby named Lucy.  Thus I chose to use the Petal Pink homespun fabrics in this embellishment.  Following is a brief tutorial outlining how we created this particular gift bag.  These basic methods can easily be altered to fit your situation or needs.   I hope you enjoy seeing this bag come together and I hope you are inspired to create your own unique creation!


Materials List:

1 blank burlap drawstring bag (any size will work according to your needs)
Assorted homespun fabric remnants and swatches in your chosen color scheme
*Only homespun fabric is recommended.  Regular cottons just do not fray as well.
1/2 to 1 yard fabric to wrap the gift inside
glue gun and glue
scrap piece of heavy cotton canvas or denim, approximately the same size as your bag


  1. From a piece of scrap paper, cut out a heart shape that fits nicely onto the burlap bag you are using.  Remember when you are sizing it that there will be about 1 inch of ruffled added to the edges.
  2. Use this paper heart as a pattern to cut out two fabric hearts: one from the fabric that you want to use for the heart background and one from the fabric that you want to use for the monogram letter.
  3. Draw your letter on the second heart using a light color pen or washable pen.  Center it on the heart the way you want it centered on the bag.  If you make a mistake, just redraw.  The ink lines will disappear when we are done if you are using a light color.
  4. Place this heart over the top of the background heart and match up all the edges.  Pin in place.
  5. Now stitch a single line of small tight stitching following the lines of the letter.  Be sure to backstitch well at the beginning and the end to tie it down good.
  6. Cut away all the excess fabric of the top heart leaving about 1/4 t0 1/2 inch of fabric around the stitching lines.  Be very careful that you don’t cut or clip the background heart below.  Use a seam ripper to open any “loops” so that you can cut out the fabric inside the loop.
  7. Make small “clips” into the remaining fabric of the upper layer being very careful not to clip into the stitching or the background heart below.  Clips should be about 1/4 inch apart.  Clip diagonally into any corners.
  8. Place the heart onto your heavy cotton canvas on denim piece and pin in place.
  9. Stitch around the perimeter of the heart with a long stitch about 5/8 inches from the raw edge.  You don’t want this stitching to be tight because you will be removing it later.IMG_2615
  10. Clip the exposed seam allowance around the edges of the heart being careful not to clip into the stitching.  Clips should be about 1/2 inch apart and about 1/2 deep.  Clip diagonally at the “v” at the top and the bottom of the heart.
  11. Machine wash the heart and canvas and tumble dry.  This will cause all those “clips” to become a lovely “fray”.  After it’s dry, remove the heart from the canvas very carefully with a seam ripper.
  12. Press the heart gently from the back side if needed and place it on your burlap bag.  Once you have it aligned the way you want, glue it into place. Put some scrap paper into the bag so that the glue won’t leak through to the back side.  Embellish with a fabric bow or jute bow.  … or make it your own with your own creative embellishment ideas!
  13. Now you need to find that extra 1/2 to 1 yard of fabric for “wrapping” your gift.  Loosely wrap the chosen gift in the fabric and place the entire bundle inside the bag.
  14. There you have it! An adorable little personalized gift bag that will sure to be kept and treasured for years!  Are you going to make one of these?  We’d love to see pictures!  With projects like this, everyone puts their own creative spin on it and it’s so fun to share and be inspired.

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    In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.
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