Apr 14

Anna’s Wall Hanging Project

Looking for a creative way to display pictures for events such as wedding showers, graduations, etc? Perhaps you would like to spice up your home with a creative display of family pictures. This wall hanging project can be decorated any way you like to fit your occasion or home theme. I will be describing how I made my couple-themed wall hanging. This wall hanging would be a great decorative addition at a wedding shower!


1. Prepare your wall hanging backdrop: For this project, I used a burlap table runner with lace for the backdrop. I cut the runner directly in half and folded the raw edge 3 inches over. I then sewed across to make a hole large enough to slide a rod through. The hole size can be adjusted accordingly.

2. Design your header: I started the decorating process by creating my header. I cut out a 6″ x 10″ piece of Milano Damask printed burlap and tore an 8.5″ x 18″ piece of black solid homespun fabric out of a fat quarter. I placed the printed burlap in the middle of the fabric and folded the sides of the fabric over to touch the edges of the burlap. (This should make the width the same width of the runner at 14″). Then I folded the top and bottom flaps over the printed burlap and sewed to attach them together. That secured the sides and created a frame around the printed burlap.

IMG_20140411_142112_146 IMG_20140411_141521_226

3. Make a title for your header: For my theme, I printed the word “Together” on a piece of card stock and glued the word into the center of the framed printed burlap header. I then glued the entire header onto the burlap runner adjacent to the seam for the rod.


4. Find a layout for your pictures: I laid out the pictures to find a layout that worked well. Once I knew where the pictures were going, I cut out 1.5″ x 12″  strips of the printed damask burlap. I glued the strips just above where I wanted my pictures to hang. Once the strips were glued in place, I cut segments of jute twine that were a little longer than the 12″ printed burlap strips. I rolled the ends of the twine to make a small pinwheel and glued the pinwheels to keep them from unraveling. Then I glued the pinwheels on the edges of the strips so that the twine lay across the middle of the strips. I did this three times until I had created the correct amount of lines for my chosen pictures to hang on. Using mini clothespins, I pinned the pictures on the twine.

IMG_20140411_150515_374 IMG_20140411_150800_865 IMG_20140411_154214_591


5. Add embellishments. I glued 3 whimsy heart buttons to either side of the header. The last embellishments I added were printed on card stock and mounted just above the lace at the bottom of the runner and to the sides of my middle picture. I glued the words directly to the burlap runner. The sentence, which I framed with black solid fabric, was also glued to the burlap runner.

6. Add extra support (if needed). For more support to keep the wall hanging from bending inward, I glued 3 strips of sturdy cardboard to the back of the runner.

I also have created this family-themed wall hanging. Sticks were used to give the hanging more of a rustic feeling. The materials used for this wall hanging were Sassafras red homespun fabric, red chevron burlap ribbon (which was cut down the middle), assorted fabric yoyos, various buttons, and Kraft Scripture tags.


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  1. Soledad says:

    Una idea muy buena y muy decorativa. Me gusta. Gracias por el tutorial