Apr 25

Sew Manly!

While the vast majority of our fabric customers are female, we do have a few occasional guy customers.  One of these guys recently surprised us with some pics of his recent projects.  All I can say is… wow!  Michael E.’s quilts were beautiful and creative!  Michael tells us he is a beginner and is just learning to use the sewing machine that he’s had for over a year.  His first rag style quilt project was for his daughter and he did the quilt in our bright homespun fabrics.   Now that Michael has demonstrated his sewing skills, he says his wife is thrilled to be lining up some “projects” for him!
Michael E

Here’s what Michael said about his first project:

“I’m a 40 year old man who just learned to load a bobbin last month. I think I sewed my very first stich a little over 30 days ago…. if I can do it,  pretty much anyone can.  The quilt is roughly 60″ x 60″ (my daughter wanted it larger than a throw) and the seems are 5/8″.  It was a great opportunity to learn a new skill while having a project I could work on with my daughter.”

Michael recently sent us a pic of his most recent project, an American flag design!  This quilt is absolutely beautiful and he used several of our red, white and blue homespun fabrics to create it with.  This was his own design concept and he worked out the dimensions and pattern pieces using this link to the specifications of the American flag.



I’m thinking that Michael shows a lot of promise as a quilt designer! Too bad it’s only his hobby and not a career but I’m sure he will enjoy designing quilts for years to come.  Rag quilting can be quite addictive!

This American Flag quilt has inspired me to create a similar wall hanging.  I’ll be posting a basic tutorial for that soon along with a few other “stars ‘n’ stripes” inspired accessories.

Although it’s not quite as ambitious as designing and creating your own quilt, my nephew-in-law, Bryan, did a bit of sewing not too long ago.  He and my niece, Amanda, were celebrating their first Christmas together and they wanted to create their own Christmas stocking using our ragged style stocking pattern and homespun fabrics.

Bryan and Amanda each picked out their own stocking style and the fabrics they wanted to use.  They were both beginners on the sewing machine but they both managed to stitch up their own stocking very nicely.  The results were great and Bryan and Amanda will have these handmade stocking heirlooms for years to come.






15So I’m inclined to think that many of our guys are more creative than they are letting on!  Do you know a guy who sews?  I’d love to teach a “for guys only” sewing session some day.  I bet that would result in some really creative projects!

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