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Dec 19

Congratulations to Our Tablecloth Winner

Congratulations to Diane M for winning the Garden Greens Tablecloth!  Diane’s comment on the blog was, “I love this! I just ordered some fabric from Jubilee and cannot wait to start my project. I am so excited to add some rag projects to my old, vintage decor that is throughout my home!! This is so gorgeous! Beautiful piece, beautiful colors! Our favorite is the traditional, turkey, home made dressings, corn on the cob from our garden this summer, my momma’s home made yeast rolls, green beans from the garden, mashed potatoes (from our crop this year as well) and home made pecan pie! What a great tablecloth to set a yummy feast on!”

Her tablecloth has been shipped and should arrive in time for that yummy Christmas dinner.

The response to this giveaway was great!  It’s made us excited for future giveaways!  Thanks to everyone for sharing your holiday traditions and recipes with us.  We may try out one or two of your recipes next week!

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Dec 06


My 4-year-old daughter is a huge Fancy Nancy fan and I’ve picked up some fun little catch phrases from all the Fancy Nancy books I’ve read to her.  When I saw this amazing tablecloth made with our new Garden Green homespun fabrics I just had to channel my inner Fancy Nancy and exclaim,   “OOH LA LA!”

Isn’t it lovely?  The soft sagey colors lend a neutral background to all your holiday decorating and works perfectly for everyday decor as well.  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, this tablecloth is the perfect canvas for all of your favorite centerpieces.  There are simple instructions and more photos available on the Ragged Patchwork Tablecloth weekend project page if you’re interested in making one for yourself!

This particular 66″ x 94″ tablecloth would usually sell for $110 but we want to GIVE IT AWAY to one of our blog readers!  Yes — just because we like you all so much and want to bless someone during this holiday season.

So how do you win?

Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on this post before midnight CST on December 14th.  Tell us what family favorite Christmas dish you would serve on this tablecloth (and feel free to include recipes!!).  The winner will be randomly selected and notified on December 15th.  If you respond quickly with your address, you could have this tablecloth just in time for Christmas!



Nov 29


I had an idea for a Christmas-y letter wall hanging but couldn’t decide what word I wanted to display.  I considered the “fun” Christmas words like JINGLE, JOLLY, and MERRY, then the more traditional Christmas words like JOY and PEACE, but none of them seemed right.  So I just sat and thought about Christmas for a while.  What is the one word that sums up all that Christmas is and was at its birth — or maybe I should say HIS birth?

The word that I finally landed on is HOPE.  Hope was born in a stable.  Hope made its appearance in a filthy, smelly place.  Hope for all mankind entered the world to the sound of donkeys braying.  Talk about humble beginnings!

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt completely hopeless.  I’ve felt HELPless many times but I can only imagine the complete despair that must accompany the feeling of hopelessness.  I am so very thankful that I know the true HOPE that Christmas represents.  Hope for freedom, hope for purpose, hope for love, hope for renewal, hope for life, hope for peace, hope for joy, and hope for Heaven.  It was truly a world without hope that welcomed the tiny Son of God that first Christmas night.

In the rush to decorate, bake, clean for guests, and buy gifts we urge you to place JESUS at the center of all you do.  Be reminded of Him when you notice the soft Christmas lights reflecting off glass ornaments late at night, when you smell cinnamon and warm apple fragrances in the shopping malls, and when you hear the stirring Christmas carols whose words are so often sung but so rarely contemplated.

We at Jubilee Creative Studio wish you a Christmas season filled with Love, Joy, Peace, and HOPE.

We’ve got a lot to give away during this holiday season — starting NOW.  There are several new Christmas projects on the Weekend Projects page.  Today we are highlighting the Celebrate Jesus Placemat and the Celebrate Jesus Pillow.  There are instructions and more pictures on the project pages.  We want to give away one of these placemats to a blog reader.  You can use it as a placement at the head of the table or on a hall table or side table.  Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post.  You can leave any (appropriate) comment but if you can’t think of anything then simply tell me where you will be spending Christmas this year.  I’ll be with my family in lovely Northwest Arkansas!  Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Saturday, December 3rd.


Nov 16

GIVEAWAY — New Christmas Products

Christmas in July doesn’t seem that long ago but suddenly here we are just weeks away from the real thing!  How do you feel about all the stores putting up their Christmas displays immediately after Halloween?  What about Black Friday?  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Black Friday.  I like waking up super early and going out to experience all the hustle and bustle of those crazy shoppers.  It’s kind of the kick off to the Christmas season for me.  However, I’ve noticed that several stores are choosing to stay open on Thanksgiving this year and have just released special Thanksgiving Day sales ads.  I don’t care much for that.  I’m fine with Christmas completely surrounding Thanksgiving but it seems like Thanksgiving Day should be untouchable.

But enough of me on my soapbox — we’ve got new Christmas products!

Since our Christmas in July features we’ve added new holiday iron on rhinestone transfer designs in the Jubilee Rhinestones store and new Homespun Christmas Kits in the Jubilee Fabric store.

Note that these are just three of our stocking designs.  We also sell kits to make wreath, heart, and star stockings.  Check out all of our Homespun Christmas Kits.  You’ve still got plenty of time to whip up some new Christmas decor!

I think it’s time to give away some Christmas bling!  Two of you will win one of our new Christmas iron on transfer designs — your choice of the three designs I have featured on this post.  Simply leave a comment to enter.  Comment on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or your pet’s favorite place to sleep……ANY (appropriate) comment will enter you to win!

Entries will be accepted through Saturday, November 19th.


Nov 01

GIVEAWAY — Give Thanks

I love the idea of decorating for the holidays but I rarely do much decorating in my home.  I have the best of intentions but time, money, and too many “little helpers” get in the way.  Another stumbling block is how close together Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are.  By the time I realize that I should have Halloween decorations up, Halloween is only a week away…..and if I don’t get Thanksgiving decorations up immediately after Halloween then it almost seems pointless.  One year I skipped Thanksgiving decorations altogether and put up my Christmas decorations mid-November.  In my defense, we were leaving on a 3 week road trip in mid-December and I wanted some time to enjoy the Christmas decorations before we left town.  Someday I’ll be good at decorating for the holidays.  It may take a few more years though.

In order to make decorating for three separate but closely spaced holidays easier this year I strung a line of jute over our bay window area.  The kids and I made little construction paper monsters (friendly monsters, of course) and hung them from the jute line with tiny clothespins for Halloween.  I was inspired by this pin on pinterest, although our monsters looked a lot more like monsters made by 2- and 3-year-olds instead of monsters made by an adult.  In other words, these are much cuter than ours!

Pinterest Inspiration

Since Halloween was yesterday I really need to take those monsters down and put up my next project.  For Thanksgiving, I want to hang GIVE THANKS letters on the jute string (inspired by this pinterest find) with some leaf cutouts.  On the leaves I will write things for which the kids are thankful.  This is tomorrow’s project and I’m anxious to hear their responses to my “What are you thankful for?” question.  It should be interesting!

Pinterest Inspiration

I haven’t determined what our Christmas jute hanging will be.  I need to decide so I can have it ready to hang as soon as Thanksgiving is over!  No time to waste from October to December!

Of course, a decorated home needs a decorated hostess, right?  I love holiday shirts — there’s something fun about pulling a shirt out of the back of my closet that I am only “allowed” to wear for a few weeks each year.  It really helps to get me in the holiday spirit!  Now that Halloween is over I can officially begin announcing Thanksgiving with my wardrobe.  Our GIVE THANKS iron on rhinestone transfer is a simple, meaningful, and adorable Thanksgiving accessory.  I like it on a shirt, but it would also be amazing on placemats, wall hangings, tote bags, chair covers, decorative dish towels, or framed and set on the mantle.

TWO blog readers will win a GIVE THANKS iron on transfer this week!  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me one thing (or many things — your choice!) for which you are thankful.  This will be a short giveaway so that our winners will have time to wear their GIVE THANKS bling before Thanksgiving gets here.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Saturday, November 5th.  Winners will be notified on Sunday and if you promptly respond with your mailing address your iron on transfer will be shipped on Monday, November 7th.


Sep 27

Giveaway — Teacher Bling

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  William Arthur Ward

My favorite teacher…….hm.  I thought it would be fun to write about my favorite teacher but when I actually started thinking about all my teachers I really couldn’t pick a favorite.  Obviously, there were a few not-so-great teachers along the way but I had so many awesome teachers throughout my school years.  Some teachers filled my head with facts and some teachers challenged me to think for myself.  Some teachers taught me the importance of deadlines and rules and some teachers taught me to relax and “go with the flow.”  Some teachers taught me complicated theories or formulas and some teachers taught me how to show compassion and kindness.  Some teachers taught me the value and beauty of words and some teachers taught so much more with the words they didn’t say than those they did.  Some teachers modeled a life that I wanted to pursue and some teachers, unfortunately, modeled a life that I wanted to avoid.

Subjects as potentially boring as history or math came alive for me thanks to some amazing teachers.  Teachers inspire students to pursue knowledge and dream big.  Basically, teachers rock!

Here is a sampling of some of our teacher/education iron on rhinestone transfers:

Can you pick a favorite teacher?  Leave a comment telling me who your favorite teacher is/was (or several of your favorites if you can’t decide like me!) and you could win one of our Teachers Inspire iron on rhinestone transfers.  Keep it for yourself or give it to your favorite teacher, your child’s teacher, a teacher friend of yours, or anyone that you think would appreciate a little teacher bling in the classroom!  Of course, you could always hold onto it until Christmas and wow a teacher with a sparkly Teachers Inspire t-shirt or tote bag gift.  I don’t think teachers base grades on Christmas gifts…..but it can’t hurt to make sure yours is a good one!

Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Saturday, October 1st (my birthday–yippee!!).


Sep 15

Apron Winners!

Congratulations to Shannon W, Angie S, and Connie C!  They each won one of our ragged homespun aprons. We’re not telling who won which apron.  Our three winners will have to watch their mailboxes to find out which apron they won.  We thought it might be more fun that way!

If you didn’t win you can still made an apron of your own using our 5″ charm packs and the Indygo Junction Kitchen Charm Pack Apron pattern.

Or if aprons aren’t your thing you can check out our other Printed Patterns and Digital Downloads.  All digital downloads are on sale 25% off this week only!

Hooray for Fall!

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Sep 06

Giveaway — APRONS!

Fall and Winter and Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . it seems like I do ten times more baking the second half of the year than the first half.  I LOVE baking yummy cold-weather goodies.  I’m not much of a cook but when I feel that first chill in the air I just want to whip up something chocolate-y and gooey.  Or something cinnamon-y and nutmeg-y.  Two of my favorite cold weather recipes are Playgroup Granola Bars (don’t let the wheat germ in the recipe fool you — these are DELICIOUS!) and S’mores Brownies.  Mmm . . . is it Winter yet??

So why am I making you drool over yummy baked goods?  Because BAKING = APRONS = GIVEAWAY!

Each of these supercute aprons will be given away to a winner from this blog.  These aprons were created using our Indygo Junction Kitchen Charm Pack Apron Pattern and our 5″ Charm Packs.  See our weekend projects page for more pictures!

To enter to win one of these aprons, simply leave a comment on this post.  Tell me what YOU love to bake.  Or tell me that you hate baking but love aprons anyway.  With three young children in the house, I think I should be wearing an apron 24/7!  Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Wednesday, September 14th.



Sep 06

WINNER! BIG Football Bling Giveaway

My goodness!  You ladies LOVE your football!  Everyone wanted to win this giveaway and bling out for football season.  That’s awesome!

And the winner is…….(drumroll please)……..Amy M.!  Amy won the FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK of 10 iron on rhinestone transfers.

She said, “This year I’m cheering for the warriors!  My (just turned) 7 year old son is playing tackle football!  Go WARRIORS!!!!!!”

Go little 7-year-old Warriors!! and Go Amy!!

Several of you expressed that you hadn’t been able to find any bling for your team’s mascot so I wanted to post a reminder about our custom templates.  You can order the I ♥ [YOURMASCOT] or just the team/mascot name in either athletic or script font as shown below.  There is a 50-piece minimum order on all custom designs so get a bunch of friends together and blind the opposing fans with all your bling!  See our custom design page for more information.

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Aug 31

BIG Football Bling Giveaway!

Football season is here!  Do you have your football bling yet?  If not, we have the perfect giveaway for you!  This week we are giving away a FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK with enough football iron on rhinestone transfers for you and several friends.  One blog reader will win a Football Spirit Pack that includes 10 iron on rhinestone transfers!  Make a few shirts for yourself, your friends, your daughter, or anyone else who wants to stand out in the bleachers this year.  The Football Spirit Pack includes the images shown here plus one or two NEW designs that aren’t even on the website yet!

This FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK is over a $40 value!  Of course, we’re not going to force you to cheer for the Bulldogs or #24.  You can choose your team mascot from our selection of team mascots and also choose which jersey numbers you want.  The mix-and-match possibilities with this set allows you to express exactly what you want to say.  You could make a shirt that says I ♥ #24 or BULLDOGS FOOTBALL or FOOTBALL MOM #24 or I ♥ BULLDOGS FOOTBALL #24 or simply I ♥ FOOTBALL.  The megaphone is a small iron on transfer that is perfect to use as an embellishment — it looks really cute on the sleeve or pocket of a t-shirt.

Enter to win this FOOTBALL SPIRIT PACK by leaving a comment on this post.  Tell me which team you will be cheering for this year!  Pirates?  Panthers?  Eagles?  Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Monday, September 5th (Labor Day!).

Good luck!  And GO TEAM!