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Feb 17

Upcycled Outfits Featuring Burlap & Homespun

FloClothes2What could be more fun for the thrifty crafter than bringing to life some boring clothes with a little creative embellishing?  This cute outfit that Flora is modeling for us was purchased from Ebay.  The basic denim shirt and the plain corduroy skirt were gently used and very affordable but they were, well… boring.  Just a little bit of homespun fabric and burlap made the two basic elements into a fresh, adorable outfit.

I am featuring two of my Ebay upcycles in this post and some basic instructions for each one.  I hope this will inspire you to look at boring clothes as a canvas just begging for embellishment.  This is a fun and rewarding challenge and I’m sure you will come up with some amazing embellishment ideas of your own.

Upcycled Outfit #1


To the denim shirt I added a cute ruffled homespun embellishment on the collar.  It’s important to use homespun here because it’s the same on both sides and so the plain back side won’t show in the ruffles.  We tore a long strip of homespun that was just a little narrower than the collar.  Tearing is much preferred over cutting with scissors because it will keep the edges straight with the plaid and it will not ravel beyond the first thread or two when it’s torn.  This long strip doesn’t need to be in once piece, you can connect various strips with a seam.  If you tear your strips so that the plaid will match up, you won’t even see the seam.

The long strip of homespun was loosely gathered by stitching down the middle with a long stitch and then pulling the stitch thread from the bottom side to ruffle it.  This “ruffle” was then stitched directly onto the top of the collar from one side to the other.  Just cut the ruffle when you get all the way across the collar.  Once it’s washed, the cut edges will soften to look like the torn edges.

For the skirt, I stitched a strip of the 2″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon onto the bottom edge.  Then I added another strip of the ruffled homespun which was created exactly the same way as the ruffle on the shirt collar.  I overlapped the ruffled just a bit at the point where the two edges met.  Then I stitched on a few flower shaped wood buttons to give the skirt some whimsical detail.  A roll of our 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon was used to make the tied belt.

By the way… our Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbons are great for adding some burlap to your sewing projects.  It has no wire and the edges are frayed and then stitched securely so that they don’t continue to fray while you handle it or wash it.


The flower bow in Flora’s hair was super easy!  I started with a  gathered a 2″ strip of torn homespun again but this time I did the stitching on one side.   I pulled this tight until one side of the strip was closed up and the other side spread out like a flower.  If your strip is long, it can overlap some or if not, it’s ok to just meet the ends together.  I glued the two ends down and put some glue on the back side to hold the center part in place.  This is the outer part of the flower.

Then I cut a couple of pieces of the 1″ Frayed Burlap Ribbon and placed them over the center in an “X” pattern and glued into place.  Finally I put a cute button to match the buttons on the skirt in the center of the burlap X and glued that into place.  I then stitched this flower bow onto a simple bobby pin which allowed me to use it in Flora’s hair on as an embellishment on her burlap bag.


Upcycled Project #2

FloClothes1-1This little chambray shirt was another used Ebay purchase that I picked up very inexpensively.  It was actually pretty cute as it was but with just a few simple additions, we made a super cute shirt that coordinated with Flora’s burlap shoulder bag.

First I trimmed off a thin edge of one side of some 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon and stitched a zig zag stitch onto the raw cut edge to prevent further fraying.  This burlap “trim” was then stitched under the edge of the existing ruffle on this chambray shirt.  More of the 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon was used to replace the fabric belt and that’s all there was to it!

  Here’s a nice before and after pic of the shirt.


These particular projects were made last fall and Flora loved wearing her burlap clothes to fall events.  Of course, I personally think burlap is a fun accent for any season.  Are you inspired to embellish with burlap and homespun?  Whether you browse through your closets or browse through garage sales or just browse online, you will surely find a perfect canvas for embellishing.  So if you create something fun or interesting, please send us some pics!  We love being inspired!

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Sep 23

Homespun and Burlap Woven Chair Seat


Saturday was a beautiful, glorious autumn day in the Ozarks!  The sky was blue and the temperature was in the 70′s.   Our little town has a great farmer’s market located in the downtown park so after shopping for veggies we went browsing through our local downtown area which has several antique store and flea markets.  I found a primitive style woven cane bottom chair for $20.  The great price tempted me to try something that I’d seen once with woven fabric.  I was SO pleased with the results that the chair is now featured on my front entry with a few seasonal decorations.  The fabric woven seat is very sturdy and I believe this would hold up to regular use.  The fabrics used are actually the same fabrics that I have on a quilt in our guest bedroom so I may be moving it in there eventually.

Materials needed for one average size chair are 3 yds homespun fabric, 4-6 yds 1″ burlap ribbon and a glue gun.  This total project took me less than two hours and it really satisfied my “creative urge” on a beautiful Saturday!

I’ve included some basic instructions and pics below.  I really encourage anyone to try this and be creative with your colors and fabrics.


  • This is how the chair looked when I brought it home.  The woven cane bottom was cracked and breaking.  It was very easy to take a razor knife and remove it entirely.  Then just a quick wipe down and the chair was ready for crafting.
  • You’ll need approximately 3 yards of homespun fabric.  It’s important to use homespun because homespun is the same on both sides.  That way if your fabric gets turned while weaving, it doesn’t look bad.If you purchase burlap ribbon, make sure it is not wired ribbon and make sure the edges are stitched so it won’t fray while you work with it.
  • For this project I used three different homespun fabrics and 2 rolls of 1″ burlap frayed edge ribbon.  These particular homespun fabrics are called Ginger Blue and are in the Route 66 Collection at
  • Tear or cut your fabric into 2.5″ x 44″ strips.If you tear it, pull out all the long loose strings that tend to cling to the torn edges.  If you cut it, be sure to cut as close to the grain of the fabric as possible to reduce possible “shedding” of little threads.  In this chair demonstrated here, I tore the strips.   The actual number of strips you will use will vary according to the size of your chair and how tightly you weave.  For this average size chair, I used 10 strips of each color fabric.
  • Begin tying your fabric and burlap (if you choose to use burlap) onto the chair from side to side in whatever color sequence you wish to use.  Start at the back which is usually a bit more narrow.  After tying, roll the knot to the under side and pull the strips forward to the front of the chair
  • Fill the seat with fabric strips going side to side.
  • This is what the bottom of the chair looks like with all the crosswise strips in place and the knots rolled to the bottom.  Trim off any long fabric tails to about 1-2 inches.
  • Tip:  If you have a burlap strip that is just a little bit too short, you can stitch some homespun fabric onto the ends of it to lengthen it.  The knots will all be on the back side so this will never be visible and it will help you use all your burlap efficiently.  You may not need to do this, it would just depend on the size of your chair.
  • This is a great little sewing notion called a “bodkin”.  It will clamp onto the end of fabric or elastic or whatever and give you something to grasp when pulling through.  We bought this bodkin at our local craft store but if you don’t have a bodkin, you can use a really large safety pin instead.
  • The bodkin will clamp onto the end of the fabric strip to help weave it through the crosswise strips.

  • Now using the bodkin to pull with, weave the remaining strips of fabric from back to front and then to the back again using basic weaving (over/under) techniques.  Leave about 5-6 inches loose at the back so that you can tie a knot when you weave back to the beginning again.  Tie those knots as much to the under side as you can so that the knot and the tail will not be visible.
  • Weave in as many strips as you wish but try to make it fairly dense so it will be a sturdy seat.
  • Now flip the chair over and trim off the tails of the knots at the back to about 2″.  Use a hot glue gun to glue those tails down flat where they are not visible from the top.  Also glue flat any tails that are remaining on the under side of the seat.  Many of those will have been pulled into the weaving and may not be visible anymore.
  • Isn’t this just a sweet, cottage style accent for my front entry?  I love the Ginger Blue mixed with the autumn color mums.

Does this inspire you to try a little fabric weaving? I have to say that I have never, ever done ANY weaving at all so please don’t analyze my technique.  I am definitely amateur but the results were good and the fun factor was over the top!  I would love to hear about and see pictures of your fabric weaving projects.



Mar 20

Coming Soon!

Happy First Day of Spring!

We’ve got a lot going on in the Studio today –

1. FREE SHIPPING with any $100 purchase from Jubilee Rhinestones.  Free standard shipping on all domestic orders will expire on Friday, March 22nd so get your orders in quickly!

2. BRIGHT HOMESPUN FABRICS on sale in honor of the First Day of Spring!  You can also still get a FREE Spring Fling Ragged Quilt digital download pattern with any $20 purchase through the end of March with coupon code springfling.

3. And this — –

That’s my little nephew in there!  Our graphic designer, Sara, will begin her maternity leave in April so all custom orders and customizable design orders will be suspended until she comes back to work.  Please get your custom/customizable orders in by April 1st if you need them soon!  We should know sometime in May when custom work will resume.

If you’re considering a custom or customizable order then take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer and place your order today!

4. Check our Jubilee Fabrics and Jubilee Rhinestones facebook pages for special facebook-only sales and giveaways!


Jan 23

Homespun Fabric Jewelry

Homespun fabric is not only for decorating your home — decorate yourself with a stylish homespun fabric necklace!  Our Island Breeze Fabric Jewelry Pattern by Mary Hanson provides step-by-step instructions and a materials list for three different versions of this funky asymmetrical necklace.

Choose your necklace style then have fun choosing your fabric and embellishments.  If you can’t decide — make two or three!

And when people compliment your jewelry you can proudly tell them that you made it yourself.

If you really love making these unique necklaces, consider getting an early start on Christmas presents for next year.

The Island Breeze Fabric Necklace pattern is available as a digital download and is currently on sale for only $3.25!  Get your pattern today at this great price!

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Jan 13

Sweetheart Giveaways

Love is in the air!  Valentine’s Day is a month away and we want you to be ready!  You’ll find everything you need to make this Valentine’s Day special in our two Sweetheart Sales.


Jubilee Rhinestones’ Sweetheart Sale features an assortment of heart and love iron on transfers as well as pink and red loose stones and heart nailheads.  Even if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day you can take advantage of this opportunity to get a great price on these items!  This sale includes designs that can be used any time of year to show your love for whatever you’re passionate about.  Stock up and save!

Check out the Spoken For iron on transfer while you’re shopping because you have an opportunity to WIN a free Spoken For iron on transfer just by leaving a comment on this blog post.  Simply comment “Spoken For” on this post by Friday, January 18th to enter!


Jubilee Fabric’s Sweetheart Sale includes our Sweetheart Throw and a selection of pink and red fabrics and embellishments.  We’ve even added some heart-shaped buttons to the sale!  The Sweetheart Throw is available as a digital or print pattern or you can purchase the fabric kit that includes almost everything you need to make one of these fancy throws for yourself.

One blog winner will WIN a free Sweetheart Throw pattern (you may choose digital or print).  Simply check out our Sweetheart Sale and then comment “Sweetheart Throw” on this post by Friday, January 18th to enter!


Feel free to enter one or both giveaways.  Winners will be randomly selected and notified via email on the day after the contest period closes.  Happy shopping!


Dec 15

“Share It to Win It” Facebook Giveaway

Have you visited our Jubilee Fabrics facebook page yet?  We’re currently offering our very first “Share It to Win It” giveaway!  One facebook fan who shares the photo of our Ragged Picnic Throw on their own facebook wall will WIN IT!  The winner will be randomly selected and notified on Christmas Eve so you’ve still got plenty of time to Share to Win!

Simply “like” our Jubilee Fabrics facebook page if you haven’t do so already, then hit the SHARE button on the Ragged Picnic Throw facebook photo to share it with your friends.  See the Ragged Picnic Throw facebook photo for more detailed instructions.

Our NEW gray fabrics have finally arrived!  The Willow Gray Collection is only available from Jubilee Fabrics.  It’s currently available By-the-Yard and as Fat Quarters.  These new fabrics are on sale for a limited time!  Check them out!

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Dec 08

Snowman Christmas Purse GIVEAWAY

Wondering what to get the person who has everything?  How about a homemade Rag-Style Snowman Christmas Purse?  A handmade item is personal, unique, and shows that you put thought and effort into the gift.  Our Snowman Purses make wonderful gifts for friends and family, hostess gifts, or special gifts to take to office gift exchanges.

We have print patterns for sale, as well as digital download patterns if you don’t want to wait to get your pattern in the mail.  Snowman Purse kits are also available if you’d like us to send you the fabric and materials along with the pattern!

Win a Snowman Purse to keep for yourself or give away this Christmas!  Simply leave a comment on this blog to enter.

Comment entries will be accepted through Tuesday, December 11th.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified via email the following day.

And in case you haven’t heard, our popular Cabin Christmas Red homespun fabric is back in stock!  Just in time for all those last minute Christmas projects!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!



Nov 22

Thank You & Merry Christmas from Jubilee!

Here at Jubilee Creative Studio we are thankful for so many things! We’re thankful for the big things — FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS — and for the little things like a morning coffee, Black Friday bargains, sweet potato casserole, and daily walks.

And we’re thankful for you!  Thank you for supporting our family business and trusting these five silly elves with your rhinestone and/or homespun fabric needs!

As we look ahead to the Christmas season, we thought we’d share a few of our personal favorite Christmas products from Jubilee Rhinestones and Jubilee Fabrics.  Click on the image to view more information about the product.

Be sure to visit both websites tomorrow (Nov 23rd) for our Black Friday Flash Sale events!!  Big sales and free shipping offers in both stores!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Nov 07

Handmade Quilted Ornaments

Want to add a little charm to your Christmas this year?  Our handmade denim quilted Christmas ornaments might be just the special touch your tree needs.  Coordinate your decorations by adding a few denim ornaments to wreaths and garlands too.  With eight unique designs available you can mix and match to get the perfect look.

Made with love by Dot, our ornament-maker and organizer extraordinaire!  If you missed it in August, you can learn more about Dot and the rest of the Jubilee staff on our Staff Favorites blog post.

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Oct 15

Another Pumpkin Purse Giveaway!

Remember these cute ragged holiday purses??

When we introduced them we only had patterns available but now you can buy complete fabric kits!  Our Ragged Pumpkin or Ragged Snowman bag kits have all the fabric, batting, cords, and notions you need to complete a ragged purse of your own.

These bag kits are a great deal at $12.99 each and perfect for beginners who might not have all the batting, cords, etc lying around to make this purse.  One purchase gets you the digital download pattern and all the fabrics and notions you need to make your bag.

Just in time for you to complete and wear during the upcoming holidays!

It’s time to give away another finished Ragged Pumpkin Purse!

Leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway for this pumpkin purse.  ANY comment will enter you in the giveaway but if you feel like playing along you can complete this sentence:  The strangest thing I have kept (or found) in my purse is a ______ .

Comment entries accepted through Sunday, October 21st.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified via email the following day.