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Aug 28

Garden Blessings!


GardenBag1 Did anyone plant a garden this year?  Hubs and I both have parents that have always delighted in growing veggies each summer and they loved sharing the fruit of their labors with friends and family.  We, however, have never really been able to grow much of anything.  Truth be told, we probably just never really gave the garden our full attention as it requires.  However, this year was our first year with an “empty nest” and thus the garden became a very welcome focus.

We took the simple route and created some raised bed gardens around our house which had little or no landscaping.  We’ve enjoyed seeing the foliage develop although we probably got a little carried away with some of it.  I think next year will spread out our plants a little more.

IMG_3534But the most fun thing that we did was creating a straw bale garden.  Yes, straw!  A friend told us that we could line up straw bales (not hay but straw) side by side and put a metal cattle panel in between them as a trellis.  The straw holds the trellis in place without an additional support.  We watered the straw for 1 week and fertilized twice during that time.  Then we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, sweet peppers and marigolds in the straw.  No dirt.  We just pushed the little baby plants right down into the straw.  Then we just watered the straw when we watered the rest of our gardens.  Yes, the garden grew and we had some nice produce grown in STRAW! :-)  Who knew….

The sweet thing about this style of garden is that it can be done anywhere that you have sunshine and a little space.  The soil can be poor or rocky and it doesn’t matter because your plants never contact the soil.  You can even do this on a driveway or concrete if you have space.  If you don’t like your location, you can place it somewhere else next year.

We’ve had our straw bale garden now for about three months.  We have found that the tomatoes did not do well.  Neither did the sweet peppers or the marigolds.  The cucumbers went CRAZY!  Thus I’ve been making a lot of pickles this summer.  :-)  The sweet potatoes and the pumpkins have not harvested yet but they are growing nicely and I’m expecting good results.  The straw is starting to disintegrate now and by winter, it’ll probably just be a nice organic heap for the compost pile.  Hubs is already talking about doing several more next year.  It’s such a novelty and makes interesting conversation among other gardeners.

We’ve enjoyed our raised bed gardens and our straw bale garden so much this year.  It’s been fun to experience the principle of sowing and reaping that God established in our world.  I’ve often thought of the scripture that says: To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

There’s a lot to be learned from the garden if a person will just listen.

I took a LOT of pictures during the growing and the harvesting.  I won’t bore you with all of them but I’m going to post some of my favorites below.  Some of them may or may not have grandchildren pictured also.  :-)

GardenBag3By the way, did you notice the cute “Garden Blessings” burlap bag?  This is a product we sell in the store.  With any purchase of $15 or more from Jubilee Fabric, you can get a free Garden Blessings bag using this coupon code:  blessings.  Offer ends Sept 30.




First the Straw Garden:




The Raised Bed Gardens:







Nov 15

Homespun Rag Wreath

Are you wanting to make an amazing new wreath for your home but don’t have much time for a big crafting project?  Then you will love this simple rag style wreath.  We love the rag wreaths so much that we’re going crazy making different colors and styles!  I’ve outline the basic steps below but before I get to that I want to show you some pictures of the wreaths that we’ve made this month.  These wreaths were made using strips of homespun fabric.  You can buy packs of strips or cut/tear them yourself.  I’m hoping you will find something that will inspire you to create your own unique rag style wreath!

Rag Wreaths by Jubilee Creative Studio:

This wreath below was made using 6 packages of our 1.5″ precut Dark Tea Dye fabric strips cut into 6 inch strips.  The bow was made with the 2.5″ Black fabric strips. We used colorful homespun fabric yoyos to decorate as well as wooden buttons and fabric scraps for bows.  The wire frame form was the larger 18″ size and it required 5 packages of the Dark Tea Dye fabric strips to fill it out.  This wreath was the favorite of our studio assistant Anna and it will be adorning her home this fall!

This warm and simple wreath was made with a smaller 12″ wire frame.  We used 3 packs of the 1.5″ homespun fabric strips in the Gold 5 color, cut into 6″ strips.  The bow was made with some scrap homespun fabric, a stray fabric yoyo and a wooden button.  I love the simple, homestyle look of this rag wreath!  This wreath will be finding its way into someone’s home in the next few weeks through our exciting giveaways!  Check our Facebook business page often for giveaway announcements!

This beautiful wreath is made from about three yards of our Ginger Blue homespun fabric collection with about eight of our 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon mixed in.  These fabric strips were torn about 1.25″ wide and then cut 7 inches long.  The fabrics and the burlap make such a lovely, seaside-like combination that we didn’t add any embellishments to this design.  I plan to enjoy this wreath year ’round in my guest room which has a matching quilt cover!

Are you hooked yet?  This last wreath is made with three different colors of our 1.5″ Homespun Fabric Strips and 3 rolls of the 1″ Frayed Edge Burlap Ribbon.  The mix of these warm colors give this wreath a soft homey appearance.  It works perfectly with many holiday decor themes or could easily be used all year long with similar decor colors.   This is the wreath that I photographed my steps with so follow along below as I show you how simple a Rag Wreath project can be!

  1. You’ll need to decide what color and size you want your wreath to be and assemble your materials.  For a large 18″ wire frame, you’ll need about 2-3 yards of fabric or 5 packs of our 1.5″ fabric strips.  This wreath shown here is a 12″ wreath and here are the materials we used:
  2. Cut your fabric strips and burlap ribbon into 6″ strips.
  3. Begin tying the strips onto the wire frame.  Fill up one “section” at a time and mingle the burlap in just occasionally.

  4. When adding the burlap ribbon, pinch the ribbon in half at the point that it wraps the wire.   This will help you get a tighter knot with the stiff burlap.

  5. The wire frame is usually separated into six “sections”.  Fill each section loosely.  Once you have all the sections loosely filled, then go back and add the remaining strips.  This will help you evenly distribute the fabric.
  6. When finished, the back of your wreath should show the knots, like the picture below, and the front should be full and fluffy.
  7. Now for the fun part!  Embellish and decorate your wreath as you so desire.  … or just use it as it is!  Either way can be beautiful.  We used our 2″ Wired Edge Burlap Ribbon to shape a nice full bow on this wreath but you should definitely put your own personal spin on the embellishments.  Now go hang it on your door and let your neighbors and friends be amazed at your own unique handmade creation!  :-)

Don’t forget to watch our Facebook page for giveaway announcements.  We’ll be giving away this multi-color wreath and the gold wreath sometime in the next few weeks.  Be inspired!

For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake,
But my loving kindness will not be removed from you
… says the Lord who has compassion on you.  Isaiah 54:10


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May 14

Paisley Stenciled Desk and Fabric

I love this amazing old library table that has been in Hubs family for a couple of generations.  However, the veneer was badly peeling and the dark heavy color did not play nice with the rest of our furniture.  After seeing some of my successful furniture “makeovers,” Hubs decided that he would like for me to paint this piece!  Of course, I was not satisfied to simply paint it.  This would be the perfect canvas for our new paisley design stencil that we had just bought!

So after a good sanding and a simple creamy color semi-gloss latex base coat, my studio assistant, Amanda, began stenciling this paisley design onto the top of the table.  We chose a very subtle light tan color matte latex in hopes of creating a monochromatic design that would be very soft on the eyes.

First we taped the side edges of the desk with painters tape to keep any stray paint from getting onto the edges.  We chose to use a large soft stencil brush instead of a roller.  The brush gave us more control over the amount of paint and we wanted this desk to have a soft, shabby effect with the paint more solid in some places and faded in others.

Thankfully our stencil is a huge size designed for full wall coverage so we didn’t have to do a lot of repositioning.  Amanda found this stencil online at a shop called Cutting Edge Stencils and we were very pleased with the quality.  I predict we’ll be ordering more stencils from them in the future.

Ta Daa!!!  The finished desk!  We LOVE the soft subtle scheme although I think we’d also enjoy this design in a more dramatic color combination as well.  I think a creamy base with a black stencil could look elegant.  That may be my next project if I can find another surface in need of stenciling.

So what’s a desk without a matching chair?  A friend of mine sold me this chair from her storage unit and it was the perfect scale and shape to match our desk.  Bring out the creamy semi-gloss base coat again!   We removed the seat which was secured from the bottom with four screws and painted the entire chair to match the base coat of the desk.

With our new Home Decor Pinterest style fabrics, we have so many trendy options for covering the seat but we settled on using our solid  Natural Home Decor Canvas Fabric so that we could use our stencil one more time!  Amanda is shown below stenciling a section of the blank fabric with the same stencil and the same paint color that we used on the desk.  You can use most acrylic or latex paints to stencil fabric as long as you mix in a fabric medium first.  Fabric medium is available in the paint aisle at most craft or hobby stores.  If I just need a little bit of paint, I love to buy those sample jars from the home improvement store so that I can get just the perfect color mixed up for me.

Ta Daa, again!  We stapled the newly stenciled fabric onto the seat of the chair and replaced it using the original screws and holes.

I can’t wait to move this gorgeous matching desk & chair into my home but for now it’s going to stay here in the Studio for a while so we can all enjoy it.   Everyone that stops by is loving the look and wants to borrow our stencil!


Apr 10

Sweet Baby James

A sweet little bundle of BOY was delivered last week!   Meet the newest addition to our Jubilee family — Baby James!

Congratulations to Sara and Bryan!

As mentioned earlier, all custom and customizable design work is suspended while Sara is on maternity leave.  We will resume custom/customizable work sometime in May.

And watch our Jubilee Rhinestones facebook page for a Sweet Baby James sale coming this week!


Mar 20

Coming Soon!

Happy First Day of Spring!

We’ve got a lot going on in the Studio today –

1. FREE SHIPPING with any $100 purchase from Jubilee Rhinestones.  Free standard shipping on all domestic orders will expire on Friday, March 22nd so get your orders in quickly!

2. BRIGHT HOMESPUN FABRICS on sale in honor of the First Day of Spring!  You can also still get a FREE Spring Fling Ragged Quilt digital download pattern with any $20 purchase through the end of March with coupon code springfling.

3. And this — –

That’s my little nephew in there!  Our graphic designer, Sara, will begin her maternity leave in April so all custom orders and customizable design orders will be suspended until she comes back to work.  Please get your custom/customizable orders in by April 1st if you need them soon!  We should know sometime in May when custom work will resume.

If you’re considering a custom or customizable order then take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer and place your order today!

4. Check our Jubilee Fabrics and Jubilee Rhinestones facebook pages for special facebook-only sales and giveaways!


Jan 03

Jubilee’s Big Move!

Jubilee Rhinestones and Jubilee Fabric finally have a place to call their own!  After years of bumping elbows in too-close quarters we finally have a large enough space to accommodate fabric, rhinestones, shipping, and employees with room to expand.

The old Studio -- small space that served us well for many years

But moving a business is hard work!  We had to call in reinforcements (a.k.a. every family member within a 20 mile radius!) to get the job done.

Carrying boxes of rhinestones to the cars waiting outside. Gayla kept everyone organized and in line. She also took all the pictures while supervising the move.

Vehicle #1 ready to take these rhinestones to their new home!

First vehicle of fabric loaded up and ready to go!

Many, many, many carloads of fabric to move. Say HI, Amanda!!

Unpacking and organizing all the rhinestone transfers in the new place.

FABRIC!!! Waiting on the moving company to deliver the metal shelving.

Amanda putting each bolt of homespun fabric in its proper place.

Look at all that space!!

Our IT Department (or "Bryan," as we like to call him) setting up Internet and WiFi.

And DONE! Ready to fill all your rhinestone and fabric orders from a much more comfortable space!

A big THANK YOU to all the friends and family who spent part of their Christmas vacation helping us move.

And another big THANK YOU to our customers for understanding our delayed shipping and customer service as we celebrated Christmas and moved to our new Studio!!

We’re very excited about this move and hope to be able to meet our customers’ needs more efficiently now that we won’t be bumping into each other every time we leave our desks!



Dec 18

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is ONE WEEK away!

Are you calmly sipping hot cocoa while admiring your beautifully wrapped presents?  Or are you frantically racing between shops while wondering how late you’ll have to stay up wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve?  Are you desperately trying to summon some Christmas cheer when all you want to do is cry?  Or are you eagerly anticipating a Christmas filled with family and laughter and perfect moments?

The magic of Christmas isn’t in Santa’s white beard or Rudolph’s red nose; presents under the tree or twinkling white lights.  It’s not even in the sparkling eyes of a child or the nearness of friends.

The magic of Christmas is the HOPE that was born into our hopeless world.  The GRACE that tumbled down from Heaven to rescue us from ourselves.  The miraculous sacrifice made by God the Father to send his perfect only Son into such a messed up world.

And He knows exactly how messed up our world is.  We see the stories in the news but He sees into the very heart of every person.  He knows our every imperfection, all the bad thoughts we think, and yet He still chose to send his Son to live with us and die for us.

To save us.

Because He LOVES us.

All of us.

In these final few days before Christmas, we at Jubilee Creative Studio wish you JOY, PEACE, HOPE, and HAPPINESS.  We wish you good times with FAMILY and FRIENDS.  We wish you delicious food and fun parties.  We wish you presents and laughter and all the rhinestones and homespun fabric your heart desires.

But most of all, we wish that you would take time to wonder at the magic of Christmas — the perfect gift — and the enormous responsibility we have of sharing that gift with others.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17


Nov 22

Thank You & Merry Christmas from Jubilee!

Here at Jubilee Creative Studio we are thankful for so many things! We’re thankful for the big things — FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS — and for the little things like a morning coffee, Black Friday bargains, sweet potato casserole, and daily walks.

And we’re thankful for you!  Thank you for supporting our family business and trusting these five silly elves with your rhinestone and/or homespun fabric needs!

As we look ahead to the Christmas season, we thought we’d share a few of our personal favorite Christmas products from Jubilee Rhinestones and Jubilee Fabrics.  Click on the image to view more information about the product.

Be sure to visit both websites tomorrow (Nov 23rd) for our Black Friday Flash Sale events!!  Big sales and free shipping offers in both stores!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Sep 21

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

Ahh, Pinterest – it’s hard not to love! If you’re not already addicted to this virtual pinboard sensation like me, you’ve probably at least heard the buzz associated with this new online community. Pinterest is unique in that it allows you to share and organize just about anything online that you find intriguing. Whether it’s recipes, home decorating tips, craft projects, or wedding ideas, Pinterest overflows with inspiration! And, not only do you share your own boards with the Pinterest community, but you also have the opportunity to browse the pinboards of others. This is a great way to discover new ideas from those who have similar tastes as you or to expand your creative horizons with ideas that are on the edge of your comfort zone.

We are pretty smitten with Pinterest here at Jubilee. We love sharing our ideas and being inspired by the ideas of others. Pinterest is quite pin-tastic and you should consider joining if you haven’t already. We’d love to connect with YOU, so browse our page and follow us! We’re developing our Pinterest boards to be places of color, creativity, and connectivity and we can’t wait to see what pin-teresting ideas you have, too! Oh, and happy pinning of course!

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Aug 17

Staff Favorites

Ever wonder who’s behind all those rhinestones and ragged edges?  Jubilee Rhinestones and Jubilee Fabrics are a part of Jubilee Creative Studio — a family business based in beautiful, quaint, scenic Siloam Springs, AR.  Siloam Springs was named by Smithsonian magazine as one of the 20 Best Small Towns in America in May 2012.  It’s a great place to live and work!

Jubilee Creative Studio employs three full-time employees and two part-time employees.

Gayla is the creative genius behind Jubilee Fabrics and Jubilee Rhinestones.  She started selling homemade crafts at craft shows in 1997 and has continued to expand and fine tune her product.  Gayla is always brainstorming new product ideas or creating something.  Her interests range from watching her son play high school basketball to researching organic foods to remodeling houses.  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Gayla sitting on her patio enjoying the sights and sounds of the backyard.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestone item: Zebra Swirl Cross

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Petal Pink Charm Pack


Sara (B.A. Graphic Design) is our full-time Studio Manager and Graphic Designer.  She’s been designing iron on rhinestone transfers and doing all sorts of other design work for us since May 2011.  She will work with you to create custom designs to meet your specific needs.  Sara has read ALL of Jane Austen’s novels, loves cupcakes, and is the proud wife of a United States Marine.  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Sara working on her latest sewing project (a t-shirt quilt) or playing Words With Friends on her phone.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones itemLotus Flower

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics itemBubblegum 4


Amanda (B.S. Marketing) is the newest member of our team.  She’s our social networking guru and customer service whiz.  Amanda is responsible for most of Jubilee’s facebook, twitter, and pinterest activities as well as answering customer emails.  She is passionate about business, missions, and the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Amanda was born on Christmas Day and she and her husband are both lefties.  What are the odds?  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find Amanda cheering on the Razorbacks with her husband.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones item: Razorback

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Ragged Christmas Stocking Pattern

(see Amanda and her husband making Christmas Stockings together!)


Dorothy (Dot) Abshier is organizer extraordinaire in the Studio.  Dot works one day a week and does her best to keep us all in line — a job she’s had for many, many years as Mom and/or Grandma to the rest of the staff.  In addition to these duties, Dot is responsible for making all the Primitive Homespun Ornaments we sell.  She has been married for 52 years to the same wonderful man.  On a lazy winter evening, you will probably find Dot sitting near her warm wood stove reading a good book or studying the Good Book.

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestone item: In God We Trust

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Christmas Plaid 1 (for making the Primitive Ornaments)


And this is me — Stefanie (M.S. Information Science).  I live four hours away from Siloam Springs so all my work is done online.  I manage the blog, write newsletters, and add inventory files when new products arrive.  I am a football fan and manage two fantasy football leagues — a family league and a ladies only league.  I also have three children, age 4-yrs, 3-yrs, and 1-yr, to keep me busy!  On a lazy Saturday evening, you will probably find me reading, browsing Pinterest, or practicing my sewing.  I’m definitely a beginner but slowly getting better!

Favorite Jubilee Rhinestones item: all the bright, fun Rainbow Letters

Favorite Jubilee Fabrics item: Sweetheart Throw Homespun Fabric Kit


So now you can put a few faces behind the business!  You can read more about everyone on our Staff page if you’re interested.  It really is a family business.  Gayla started it all, then hired her daughters (Stefanie and Sara), her mother (Dot), and her niece (Amanda).  Now you know our favorites — what are yours??