Jul 08

Addison Shabby Ragged Style Pillow

Shabby Ragged Style Pillow made with Cotton Canvas

We’ve had fun in the Studio the past few months dreaming up some projects to make with our new Home Decor cotton canvas fabric.  This pillow design, called the Addison pillow, is a great beginner project for someone who is new to rag style stitching or for someone who is just new to sewing in general.   Start to finish this project should take about 2-3 hours.  So if you like the looks of this Addison Shabby Canvas Pillow, read on and I’ll walk you through the creation steps.  If you are a newcomer to rag style stitching, take a minute and read this quick overview of rag style:  About Rag Style Stitching


Materials List for 2 Addison Shabby Canvas Pillows:
(A fabric kit for this pattern is available at www.JubileeFabric.com)

*I’ve also included some instructions for adapting this pillow design to homespun fabric instead of the cotton canvas fabric.  It makes a great looking pillow in homespun also!  See adaptation instructions.

Basic Assembly Instructions:

*Unless otherwise specified, all seams will be 5/8″ width and all pieces will be stitched with the WRONG sides together.

  1. Prewash fabrics and press flat until they are smooth and wrinkle free.
  2. From Fabric 1 cut two  panels measuring approx 17″ x 17″.  Clip the raw edges on all side with clips that are 1/2″ deep and 1/4″ apart.
  3. From Fabric 1 and Fabric 2 cut one panel of each measuring approximately 9″ x 9″.  Clip the raw edges on all side with clips that are 1/2″ deep and 1/4″ apart.
  4. From Fabric 2 cut two  panels measuring approx 17″ x 17″.  Clip the raw edges on all side with clips that are 1/2″ deep and 1/4″ apart.
  5. If you choose to use Fabric 3, cut two panels 9″ x 9″ from Fabric 3.                                                                                                                             Chevron & Tribal design blue cotton canvas
  6. Tear remnants into 1″ strips and then cut the strips into lengths of 6″.  You will need twelve of these from Fabric 1 and twelve from Fabric 2.
  7. Tie a knot into the end of each of the 6″ strips.  Slip a wooden bead onto the strip by folding the end of the strip several times.  Push the bead all the way down to the knot.
  8. Place one 9″ square of Fabric 2 on top of a 9″ square of Fabric 3 if you have chosen to use Fabric 3.  Then place the two layers onto the center of one 17″ square of Fabric 1.  Pin through all three layers and stitch around the perimeter of the 9″ square about 5/8″ from the raw edge.  This is the front panel of the pillow.
  9. You may do some “detail” stitching inside the inner square at this point if you wish.  We often like to stitch along some of the natural fabric design lines for a “quilted” type look.
  10. Now place this front panel on top of the remaining 17″ square of Fabric 1 with the WRONG sides together.  Pin in place and stitch around the perimeter about 5/8″ from the raw edge.    Leave about an 8″ gap unstitched so that you can stuff the pillow from there.
  11. Stitch around the perimeter again about 1/4″ inside the first stitch line.  This will give your pillows a nice double stitching on the outer edge to keep that seam secured.
  12. Now repeat steps 7 & 8 using the 17″ squares of Fabric 2 and the 9″ squares of Fabric 1.
  13. Wash both pillow covers in a washing machine using a liquid fabric softener to loosen the strings and create the “fray” on the shabby edges.  Machine Dry.  Use a lint brush to remove excess strings and press from the back side if needed.
  14. Using a seam ripper, open each corner about 1″ in each direction.  Insert the untied end of three of the beaded strips into the corner.  Pin in place.  Restitch the corner now and be sure to stitch both seam lines.  Take extra care to catch all the raw edges of the end of each strip into the stitching of the pillow.


  15. Stuff the pillow with polyfill.  Using smaller handfuls of polyfill will result in a smoother pillow.
  16. Close the opening and pin in place.  Stitch 5/8″ from the raw edges beginning and ending at the point of the existing stitching.
  17. Ta Daa!!!  Your beautiful set of Addison Shabby Pillows are finished!  Enjoy!

The girls in the studio have put together some kits to make this Addison pillow which includes all the fabric you need and the beads.  The polyfil and thread is not included but you can usually pick that up at any department store or craft store if you don’t have any on hand already.  Pictured below are the fabric/color combinations available in the kits.

Do you have any great suggestions for projects with our Home Decor canvas fabrics?  We’d love to hear about them!

blue chevron and tribal block fabricred chevron and tribal block fabricyellow chevron and damask fabric





green chevron and tribal block fabricbrown chevron and damask fabric








Homespun Fabric Adaptation for Addison Shabby Pilllow:

This Addison Shabby Pillow pattern can be easily adapted to use the primitive homespun fabrics sold at www.JubileeFabric.com.  Because the homespun is lighter weight, you will need to double all your cut pieces so that each piece will be two layers thick.  So when the pattern says to cut two pieces, with homespun adaptation you’ll actually cut four pieces since your pieces will each be two layers.  This means you will need more than twice as much material since the homespun is not as wide as the Home Decor canvas.  We’ve added a revised Materials List below for the homespun adaptation.

Because the homespun fabric will fray better, you’ll only need to make your clips about 1/2 inch apart instead of 1/4 inch that the pattern calls for.  Please remember that regular printed cotton fabric will not fray well like you see in these pictures.  Homespun fabric is recommended.

That is all you need to know to make this project with homespun fabric.

Materials List for 2 Addison Shabby Pillows created with HOMESPUN FABRIC:

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May 14

Paisley Stenciled Desk and Fabric

I love this amazing old library table that has been in Hubs family for a couple of generations.  However, the veneer was badly peeling and the dark heavy color did not play nice with the rest of our furniture.  After seeing some of my successful furniture “makeovers,” Hubs decided that he would like for me to paint this piece!  Of course, I was not satisfied to simply paint it.  This would be the perfect canvas for our new paisley design stencil that we had just bought!

So after a good sanding and a simple creamy color semi-gloss latex base coat, my studio assistant, Amanda, began stenciling this paisley design onto the top of the table.  We chose a very subtle light tan color matte latex in hopes of creating a monochromatic design that would be very soft on the eyes.

First we taped the side edges of the desk with painters tape to keep any stray paint from getting onto the edges.  We chose to use a large soft stencil brush instead of a roller.  The brush gave us more control over the amount of paint and we wanted this desk to have a soft, shabby effect with the paint more solid in some places and faded in others.

Thankfully our stencil is a huge size designed for full wall coverage so we didn’t have to do a lot of repositioning.  Amanda found this stencil online at a shop called Cutting Edge Stencils and we were very pleased with the quality.  I predict we’ll be ordering more stencils from them in the future.

Ta Daa!!!  The finished desk!  We LOVE the soft subtle scheme although I think we’d also enjoy this design in a more dramatic color combination as well.  I think a creamy base with a black stencil could look elegant.  That may be my next project if I can find another surface in need of stenciling.

So what’s a desk without a matching chair?  A friend of mine sold me this chair from her storage unit and it was the perfect scale and shape to match our desk.  Bring out the creamy semi-gloss base coat again!   We removed the seat which was secured from the bottom with four screws and painted the entire chair to match the base coat of the desk.

With our new Home Decor Pinterest style fabrics, we have so many trendy options for covering the seat but we settled on using our solid  Natural Home Decor Canvas Fabric so that we could use our stencil one more time!  Amanda is shown below stenciling a section of the blank fabric with the same stencil and the same paint color that we used on the desk.  You can use most acrylic or latex paints to stencil fabric as long as you mix in a fabric medium first.  Fabric medium is available in the paint aisle at most craft or hobby stores.  If I just need a little bit of paint, I love to buy those sample jars from the home improvement store so that I can get just the perfect color mixed up for me.

Ta Daa, again!  We stapled the newly stenciled fabric onto the seat of the chair and replaced it using the original screws and holes.

I can’t wait to move this gorgeous matching desk & chair into my home but for now it’s going to stay here in the Studio for a while so we can all enjoy it.   Everyone that stops by is loving the look and wants to borrow our stencil!

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Apr 10

Sweet Baby James

A sweet little bundle of BOY was delivered last week!   Meet the newest addition to our Jubilee family — Baby James!

Congratulations to Sara and Bryan!

As mentioned earlier, all custom and customizable design work is suspended while Sara is on maternity leave.  We will resume custom/customizable work sometime in May.

And watch our Jubilee Rhinestones facebook page for a Sweet Baby James sale coming this week!

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Mar 26

New Sample Shirts Available!!

We’ve just added new sample shirts in all sizes (S-XXL)!  These won’t last long so act fast if you see something you like!

Please note that there is only ONE of each shirt so once it’s gone, it’s gone!  But, of course, you can always purchase the iron-on transfer and make your own shirt if you don’t get the one you want.

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Mar 20

Coming Soon!

Happy First Day of Spring!

We’ve got a lot going on in the Studio today –

1. FREE SHIPPING with any $100 purchase from Jubilee Rhinestones.  Free standard shipping on all domestic orders will expire on Friday, March 22nd so get your orders in quickly!

2. BRIGHT HOMESPUN FABRICS on sale in honor of the First Day of Spring!  You can also still get a FREE Spring Fling Ragged Quilt digital download pattern with any $20 purchase through the end of March with coupon code springfling.

3. And this — –

That’s my little nephew in there!  Our graphic designer, Sara, will begin her maternity leave in April so all custom orders and customizable design orders will be suspended until she comes back to work.  Please get your custom/customizable orders in by April 1st if you need them soon!  We should know sometime in May when custom work will resume.

If you’re considering a custom or customizable order then take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer and place your order today!

4. Check our Jubilee Fabrics and Jubilee Rhinestones facebook pages for special facebook-only sales and giveaways!

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Mar 11

Baseball Bling Giveaway!!

Spring means flowers, sunshine, flip flops, and BASEBALL!  If you’re a baseball fanatic or know someone who is then we’ve got a giveaway for you!

Win this set of five Baseball Iron On Transfers (including two brand new designs!) PLUS one of our new Baseball Decal Stickers!!  The winner will choose the mascot word so don’t worry if you’re not a Panthers fan.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog by Monday, March 18th.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified via email on the following day.

Why do YOU love baseball season??  The weather?  The friends in the bleachers?  The concession stand food??

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Mar 06

Care Packages with Bling!

It’s March — almost Spring!! — and in many parts of the country Spring means RACE TIME!  We have all the racing bling you need — 5k, 13.1, and 26.2 iron on transfers for your race day shirt.

Or maybe the idea of running makes you cringe but you have a friend who has been training for her first (or fortieth) race.  You could take a cue from our own customer service guru, Amanda, and put together a fun gift basket for your favorite racer!

Amanda’s mother-in-law is training for her first half-marathon and Amanda arranged this care package to support her.  What a great way to “be there” for someone when you can’t actually be there!  Care packages are great gifts for graduates, sports teams, new or expecting moms, college students, and, of course, birthdays and holidays.

Care packages are fun to make and fun to receive!  Add some sparkle to your next care package with iron on bling or decal stickers from Jubilee Rhinestones!

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Feb 21

NEW Rhinestone Sticker Decals! Giveaway!

We’re SOOOOO excited about our new line of Rhinestone Stickers!  Our Rhinestone Transfers are great for clothing and fabrics but with our new Rhinestone Sticker Decals you can apply bling to many more surfaces!  No iron necessary!  Simply peel and stick to any non-porous surface that needs a little bling.

These decals are not permanent but we’ve been testing one on a car window and it has stayed on through extreme heat and wintry weather — and even a few car washes! — for over 8 months now!  Decals can be removed cleanly from most surfaces.

Perfect for car windows, mirrors, lockers, travel mugs, electronics, binders, and even kitchen appliances!  The Keurig coffeemaker in the Jubilee Studio recently got a bling makeover! View our easy application instructions and see pictures of our fancy new coffeemaker HERE.

We’re kicking off this new product line with a sale and a giveaway!  ALL of our new Rhinestone Sticker Decals are on sale — check out our selection and grab a few to try out while they’re discounted.  We’ll add more designs in the future but we’ve got a great group of Rhinestone Stickers available now.

Leave a comment on this blog and be entered to win one Heart Rhinestone Sticker AND one Cross Rhinestone Sticker (pictured above).  We’ll select THREE winners so share this giveaway with your friends!  Check out our Rhinestone Sticker Decals collection and let us know what other designs you’d like to see added soon!  Comment entries will be accepted through Wednesday, February 27th and winners will be notified the following day.

Please share our exciting news with your friends!  And we would LOVE to see pictures of how you use your Rhinestone Stickers!

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Feb 16

New Shabby Chic Wall Art

Looking for a fun, easy project?  Our newest Fabric Kits are the perfect quick project to satisfy your sewing urge.  Our Shabby Heart and Shabby Star Wall Art Fabric Kits come in the preset colors you see here but you can easily order your own fabric in whichever colors you like.  The Shabby Heart Wall Art instructions and the Shabby Star Wall Art instructions are available to view online.

Each kit includes two fat quarters and two of our new precut fabric hearts or stars so if you’d like to make a Shabby Heart or Shabby Star Wall Art in different colors, simply order the fat quarters and precut shapes in the colors of your choice.

Order red and blue fabrics to make Shabby Star Wall Art for Independence Day!  Or green and red fabrics to decorate your walls for Christmas!  Pink hearts would look adorable in a little girl’s room — or star wall art to match a little boy’s bedroom decor.  So many possibilities!

Hang one Shabby Heart or Shabby Star Wall Art or make several to hang together for a dramatic statement.  Use them on walls, mantles, bookcases — anywhere that needs a primitive touch!

Whatever you decide to do with your Shabby Wall Art, send us pictures!  We’d love to share your creative ideas with other homespun fanatics!

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Feb 08

Exclusive Sale for Blog Readers!

Alright, blog readers, here is a special sale just for YOU.  We ran an exclusive sale for newsletter recipients, an exclusive sale for Facebook fans, and now it’s your turn!  (And if you are a subscriber to all three outlets then you’ve hit the sale jackpot this week!)

Save 40% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE of iron on rhinestone transfers and/or loose rhinestones.  This is a huge discount!

The 40% off discount does not apply to sale items, $1 bin items, custom items, and customizable designs.  But good news!!  Our Sweetheart Sale and Bridal Sale just ended so those items are now eligible for this discount!!

Use coupon code blog40 through Tuesday, February 12th to get your discount.

Happy shopping!


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